Whatsapp plus APK download

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Since the introduction of modernization took place thing got changed on a drastic level. Similarly, the whole concept of connecting with each other got changed. Before if we want to connect with each other the only medium was through letters but since the introduction of modernization took place all things came into our hand in the form of a smartphone. In today’s date connecting with each other is just a matter of time. we can send a text message from our phone to others easily.

These things got more elevated when online messaging sites got introduced in the market. There are many online messaging sites like HIKE, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger which really makes our messaging easy. But among those WhatsApp is one of the most famous messaging sites which took the market majority of users. But today we are going to discuss a different WhatsApp which is WhatsApp plus. So let’s begin.

About WhatsApp Plus

Whatsapp plus is an almost the same as that of WhatsApp but with some added features. This app is not available in the Google Play store so to use this we have to download the APK version of this phone. The main attraction of WhatsApp Plus is customization feature. Many people across the globe use this website because of its customization feature. This app has some of the best in class feature which is missing in WhatsApp. Even the user interface of this website is very smooth and is similar to WhatsApp which makes the user use this app easily.

This was a small introduction regarding WhatsApp plus now let’s take a look how we can download and install this app into our system.

Procedure to Download and Install

Listed below are the ways to download and install WhatsApp plus in our device.

  • To download WhatsApp Plus APK click in this link.WhatsApp plus Apk free download
  • Once you have downloaded you have to go to your phone’s setting and do some changes.
  • Go to settings< then go to unknown source<enable it so that this app can be installed. As this app is not available in the Android market we have to do this.
  • Once you have completed this step click on the downloaded APK file to start the downloading procedure.
  • The installation procedure might take some time so wait till it gets completed.
  • Once the installation is over the shortcut of this app will appear on the home screen. Now, this app is ready to use.

There is another procedure to download WhatsApp Plus on your device. So let’s take a glance at it too.

  • First, download the APK file from this link.
  • Once you have completed the download on to your PC transfer this file to your phone with the help of data cable or Bluetooth.
  • Once your transfer is over disconnect your device from your PC.
  • Now you have to go to your phone’s menu and simply launch the file manager app.
  • Now search the WhatsApp Plus and click on enter.
  • Here you will see an APK file of this WhatsApp plus and tap on it.
  • when you will click there will be an option which will ask whether to download this file or not. You simply click on the install button to start the download procedure.
  • Once this process is over you will get a message saying your process is over.

These were some of the procedure to download and install WhatsApp plus on to our device now let’s have a look on to some of the important features of this app.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

  • You can easily change the icon colors easily.
  • This app is compatible with all kinds of latest Android devices.
  • customization is very easy with this app as compared to WhatApp.
  • while chatting you can see the status of your friends and families easily.
  • The video limit which you can send is upto 50 MB which is more as compared to that of WhatsApp.
  • Can send over 10 photos at a time which is a very good feature.
  • customization of sounds, pictures, the color of notification is fully customizable with this app.

These are some of the best ways to download WhatsApp plus on to your device. Downloading and installing this onto your device is very easy and takes very less time. Here you can see some of its major features which will help you to know more about  this app which will help you to use this device to the fullest.

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