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When it comes to watching cartoons, adult people start asking a lot of questions? So, what is the basic reason of watching cartoon even when you have already grow up? It is quite simple and easy to explain and let me tell you why.

It is because, in this busy life, we have to deal with all the ups and down be it money problems or other frustrations in life. Cartoon actually helps us to remain calm from all the worries that we’ve got. Here, we will be checking on the list of the Top 10 + Sites to Watch Cartoons Online.  All cartoons on this sites can be watched for free.

Cartoons can take one into parallel dimensions or different worlds. It keeps us away from the reality where you forgot all worries in your real life, let it be just for a while. Apart from all of that, cartoons remind us of what life is all about and teach us valuable lessons in life. 

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Cartoons are for people of all ages, there is no age limit to watch any cartoon movies or shows. There are a lot of good qualities that we can learn from cartoons by visiting Websites that let us watch cartoon online. You don’t have download any video and install a video player like MX player apk or VLC player but start watching cartoons instantly. Check on the list of the sites provided below to watch online streaming cartoon videos.

Top 10+ sites Watch Cartoons Online

Cartoons On

Cartoons On is among the unique sites that have well-arranged video files in it to stream online. Check on the list of the animated movies by studios like Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Pixar, Cartoon Network, Anime, etc. 

Watch cartoons online of the latest and old collection on this site. The search bar is quite effective as it lets you search for cartoons on the website quite easy. There is blog section on the site where you can read about the stories of different cartoons.

Anime Flavor

Here you can watch the latest episode of the all animated series like samurai Jack, berserk, and etc. Anime shows, movies in Anime Flavor are uploaded in high definition picture quality. 

Either stream the video online or download it to watch later on, that’s totally up to you. Watch the dubbed animated video or read comics book online on Anime Flavor which is very fun and entertaining.


If you are a manga lover or Anime lover, then Gogo Anime TV is a must visit site for you. It has a several numbers of anime series, videos that are categorized by A to Z format, which is uploaded to its video library. 

Watch new seasons of your favorite anime series as the site is updated with all new episodes. Gogo Anime Tv is perhaps the best site where you can watch cartoons online for free.


Nicktoons is a fascinating online streaming cartoon site which is totally different and unique. Not only that, you will be able to watch videos as well as play games online. 

Shop you favorite cartoon characters dolls or bag and t-shirts, make the payment for those with internet banking or debit card. Watch shows like Alvin and the chipmunks, Kungfu Panda and much more.

Cartoon Network

Its web design is somehow quite similar to that of Nicktoons. It is the home network for all of your favorite superhero and cartoon character. 

Play more than hundreds of online game on the website that are specially made for kids. The available games on the cartoon network are Ben10, Teen Titans and lots more. 

All the videos on cartoon network are of high quality. Never miss a single episode of your favorite cartoon series.

Disney Junior

Disney Junior is one of the best websites which lets you watch cartoons online totally free. Access the website from your Smartphone and watch your favorite cartoon shows, it is a full entertainment house for your kids. 

The website is beautifully arranged and the good design user interface makes the site very easy to handle.

Anime Toon

Looking for the dubbed anime videos in English then Anime Toon is the right pick. Here you will be able to watch several cartoon series and also the popular series. 

Never miss any movies of your choice that is newly released, the Anime Toon site provides you the opportunity to watch them online. 

If you are found of reading manga then you can read them here as well. Not only that, also watch Korean drama TV shows in high picture quality too.

Anime Center

It is very simple to find the cartoons that you are seeking to stream online here. By using the search bar you can make a quick search of the animation series or movies. 

In the anime list category, you will find Subbed Animes and Dubbed Animes listed from A to Z.  Do not miss out on the latest episodes and newly released anime videos by streaming them online.


Do you love to watch the classic cartoon videos? If yes, then you are not required to visit any other websites. Watch the most popular shows of Popeye the sailor man or Tom and Jerry and others. 

You can stream the videos online in high quality, to get some extra features you need to sign up in ToonJet. It is a well-maintained website that comes with a simple user interface and runs smoothly.

Watch Anime Dub

Watch cartoons online by streaming on watch anime dub. Click on the categories of recently released videos to watch the latest animation. In the search bar, you can search for your favorite anime episodes and get access quite easily. 

Watch the subbed anime series or movies for free no charges included. Watch Anime Dub is one of the most visited anime sites on this list of watching cartoon online.

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Anime or cartoon is the best way to pass time. There are a lot of good lessons that we can learn from cartoons, in each story of the animated series or animated movies we get to learn morals and aspiring things. 

If you are a parent, let your children visit these above mentioned Top 10+ sites Watch Cartoons Online. Not only kids, adult also must visit any of these sites to stream animated videos online for free.


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