VLC Player Alternatives | The Best Alternatives You Can Have

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VLC media player is one of the best apps to watch movies, videos no doubt. But sometimes it also does not support some videos and movies through which we face problems. If you are also facing problems and cannot watch your favorite movies by the VLC player then here in this post we are going to provide you some of the best VLC  player alternative apps which will help you to watch movies and videos better then the VLC player.

Instead of searching on the internet and wasting your time, select one of the best VLC player alternative apps from the list given that we have given below. We have provided one of the best alternatives media players which works like VLC and much better than that. So if you are facing any problem in playing movies or videos through VLC then try these bunch of list of VLC player alternatives apps from the list given below.

Top 7 best VLC Player Alternatives:

If you want to try something better than VLC Player then below we have picked one of the top 7 best media player apps like VLC. Choose one of the best media players of your choice and then download and start watching video on that media player.

1. Real player:

Real player is one of the best alternatives of VLC Player. You can watch videos and movies through Real player by using it formats such as FLV, AVI, MP3, 3GP, WMV, WMA and much more. Through this media player, you can not only watch videos and movies as well as you can also convert video files in different formats and can download streaming content. Give it a try and watch your favorite videos and movies.

real player app

2. KM Player:

KM Player is another alternative to VLC Player. It is a media player where you can play videos and movies on Windows 2000, Windows 7, XP, and Vista. KM Player customizes very well while watching the video by slowing it down and by increasing speed and it also supports various type of Music and video codecs. This media player is completely free to use and lightweight. KM Player also offers you to choose skin and color schemes while watching videos.

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KMP player

3. DivX:

DivX is also one of the best alternative media players like VLC player. Through the help of this player, you can watch streaming videos in AVI and MKV and various other popular video formats. You can also convert videos to this player into MKV or DIVX.

divx player app

4. BS Player:

BS Player is one of the best media players where you can watch a high range of video formats with the help of subtitles as well as you can adjust subtitles and can change languages while playing the movie. Through this app, you can also utilize the widescreen movie and can scan it to fit the screen to see the entire thing.

BS player

5. GOM Player:

GOM player is another alternative media player like VLC. You can use it on various platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, and much more. This player is free and can watch movies and videos with varieties of formats not only that you can also watch streaming videos. Give it a try by downloading it and start watching videos through it.

GOM Player

6. SMPlayer

SMPlayer is also another media player app which you can easily use and can handle it. Watch unlimited videos and movies with the help of various formats as well as by downloading subtitles. This app also supports YouTube videos, you can download videos from YouTube and can watch on these apps. SMPlayer also customizes very well and will help to change playback speed. Give it a chance by using it on your device, Windows, iOS, etc. and start watching your favorite videos and movies.

Smp player

7. Mx Player

It is one of the best and popular media players which you can use for Android, Windows, etc. It supports all kind of formats and also you can watch HD qualities videos with motion controls. MX Player is very easy to use and can stream videos easily.

mx player

Above we have listed one of the best and popular media player VLC player alternatives. These media player comes with various formats and features which will help you to watch unlimited movies and videos. So choose the best one from the above lists and start using it.

To watch the video, we need a good media player so if you are facing problems by using the VLC player while playing videos and movies then above we have listed top 7 best VLC player alternatives. There are many media players but from what we have picked one of the best media players which support various formats and can stream videos. Choose anyone that suits you and start using it while watching movies and videos.

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