Use Link2SD App For Android To Increase Internal Storage

Android users if you are suffering from low internal storage while downloading apps and games then here in this post we have provided Link2sd app. 

This App will help to increase internal storage on your device. If you are hearing for the first time about this app and do not know the process of using it on your Android device then stick to this post to get further information.

Link2sd is a powerful root App that helps to increase internal storage to get games and application installed on Android devices. 

By using this app on your Android Phone you can change the default of your SD card into internal Storage. 

Start using this app but in order to run this app on your device will need to be root first. To use this app you will need some requirement. Below we have given some list of requirement check it out.

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Requirement that you need before using Link2sd

First of all, to use Link2sd on your device you will need to have the app and also before using the app we will need some tools required to increase storage. 

Here are some requirement lists:

  • First of all download the app Link2sd for your Android device by downloading it from Google Play Store. Install it and use it on your device.
  • The second things you will need to have while using the app is Aparted app Tool download it and install this app. It will be needed while making the partitions of SD card.
  • Also, you will need internal access to download other required stuff while performing the tutorial of using Link2sd on your device.
  • One of the most important thing that you much keep in the note is that to keep your phone rooted. Link2sd runs only on rooted devices.
  • You will need to backup to internal memory and SD card.

Above we have listed some requirement to run this app on your Android device.

The above-listed requirement tools will need while using Link2sd. 

Below we will provide some tutorial on how to use it on your device without PC. 

If you are new to it then do not forget to scroll it down to know how to use the app Link2sd.

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How to use Link2sd app for Android to increase Internal Storage

If you are suffering a problem in downloading apps and games because of low internal memory on your Android device then from now stop worrying because here in this post we are going help you through the tutorial. Check it out.

Here are the steps of using Link2sd:

  • First, you will need to complete the task by creating a partition on SD card and by linking apps to SD partitions. To do that you will need to eject and unmount the SD card by going to your device setting. After that click on the storage and then tap into SD card storage and select eject or unmount by pressing OK.
  • Now download the Aparted app tool from play store download and install it. This tool will help you to make the partition of SD cards for your Android device. Open the app to grant root access and others. After opening it tap on the add button from there select format as fat32 and start choosing the size which will help you to keep SD card storage. Now tap on the apply button and wait for some time.
  • Next step to create a second part of using it as internal storage. Like the second step click on the add button to select the format to add After selecting the size will get change.
  • Creating two parts of SD card has been done successfully. Still, if you want to check and verify then you can go for it. To check go to your setting and click on the storage where you will see the partitions of SD card.

Above we have given some steps which will help you to use Link2sd on your Android device. But one thinks you will need to keep in Note is that to select the formats Fat32 for part 1 and Ext2 for part two. 

Without selecting that format Link2sd may not work on your device so make sure to select it.


Android users now you can download games and applications without getting irritated. 

Above we have given some information about the app Link2sd download it if you do not want to suffer from low internal storage and use it on your device by following the steps one by one to access. 

But one thinks to keep in note that your phone must be access to root without rooting Link2sd will not work on your device and also do not forget to select the formats while making the partitions of SD card.


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