Top Best Chromecast Alternatives

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In the world of digital wonders, Chromecast is doubtlessly one of the best media streaming device.With Chromecast you can seamlessly stream through your smartphone screen directly to your TV screen without much  of hassle and just with a HDMI cable.

Being just 3-inches in size it is much more than what you can think of.You can pair it with your smartphone wirelessly and directly pair it with your  TV and connect it to your TV with a HDMI port.

You can also access through a wide variety of more services like Netflix, Hulu and many other and that too for FREE !

So you may ask,  Why should you want to go for a Chromecast Alternatives ?

Being the first of it’s type, Chromecast was s success in the marketing the product.But when it came to pricing, it was poorly priced only on Amazon & ebay.Even being a revolutionary device, Chromecast wasn’t launched in many parts of UK and Europe.And another big drawback was the unavailability of  Amazon TV.

And structurally it lacked a decent user interface and also without any other physical remote other then smartphone for non smartphone users.

So, today I am going to take you through few of the best alternatives that you can use even if you own a Chromecast device or even if you don’t own one.

Top 5 Best Chromecast Alternatives


#1. Apple TV

For all the users of iTunes and who owns iOS devices, Apple Tv can be the best Chromecast alternatives for you.As it allows a lot of more of streaming contents and a wide variety of contents.You can stream your iTunes contents directly to your Apple TV wirelessly.You can even stream locally stored files that you won’t find in Chromecast.Apple TV also lets you to choose from the latest & a huge catalog of rental movies that makes Apples Tv a better Chromecast alternative.


Features: Local  storage files streaming, Variety of streaming services and Plug and play with HDMI.

Price: $69

#2 Samsung All share Cast

Created with the concept of most Samsung smartphones & tablets, this device lets you stream a variety of streaming services directly from your devices.For official uses, you ca also stream your presentation directly  to your projector.

Samsung All Share cast requires a supportive Samsung device be it a smartphone or tablet.It can be easily connected through Wi-Fi or a HDMI cable and you can choose from variety of files to stream from.


Features: Created to perfectly fit your workshop, with easy plug and play set-up, and aslo with HD supported streaming and much more.

Price: $79.99

#3 WD TV live

This is another streaming devices that allows it’s users to stream through a variety of new and old streaming services and can work as a Chromecast alternatives.Developed by Western Digital You can simply stream Netflix to you TV using the device seamlessly.

You can also stream you locally stored  files, and the best feature which turns your desired smartphone into a WD TV remote make it a better option than Chromecast.


Features: Turn any smartphone into a remote, browser through locally stored files, recored and play any live stream with a wide range of supported file types.

Price: $69

#4. Amazon Fire TV

For anyone who wants a simple  Chromecast alternative then you can go for Amazon TV. Even being new in the market, it allows a variety of streaming options as compared to Chromecast and is positioned as one of the best streaming device.

It doesn’t end here, Chromecast also allows you to play games over through your smartphones right out of the box.And also with a variety of extra features like youtube, HBO and Netflix and many other channels on the go.


Features: With over 500 games to play, Movies, TV episodes and voice search any many other streaming services.

Price: $99



If you want an open source Chromecast alternatives then this is what you need.This is s cheap yet powerful streaming device that allows you to connect through Ethernet connection which is a step ahead of Wireless connectivity than may it be Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

And one of the best features is that it is still being evolved according to need and you will be offered with an alternative newer version every time, you simple have to contact the source for newer updates.


Features: Supports Youtube movie streaming, connectivity through Ethernet & Micro USB, with a variety of platfroms to choose from like Windows, Android & iOS and many other  unique features.

Price: $35 (Requires Raspberry Pi  as it an open source device)


So, these were a list of Chromecast Alternatives that you can choose from which would also allow you seamless live streaming to your TV on the big screen using a wireless network and even the lastest high speed connectivity i.e through Ethernet cable.

Hope you like this devices, if you did then please share and leave a comment below.

Thank You For Reading

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