Top 5 Best WiFi Booster App For Your Android Phone

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Wi-fi network connectivity is one of the most common ways to get connected to internet.But the main problem while using a wi-fi network is that, a lot of the internet speed is lost while using a Wi-Fi network with your android smartphone and other devices.

This can be due to two main reasons, if you are too far from the router and another reason being that most wi-fi modem signal emitting frequency is at 2.4GHz, which is the most common signal frequency for a lot of wireless devices.As a result it creates a barrier for your wi-fi frequency.

So in today’s article I am going to take you through some android apps that will boost your wi-fi internet connectivity speed even without paying a single penny to your network provider.

 5 Best WiFi Boosting App

Wi-Fi Manager


If you are searching for one of the best wifi boosting app then Wi-Fi manager is what you need.Most of the developer who use smartphone for writing programs use this app to boost their wi-fi network speed.One of the best thing  about this app is that, it is the most secure app.Using this app you can simply search for any network using a graph which will show the max speed and how secured the network is.Even in the new version you can switch between the different network by simply tapping a different network that is shown in the list.

Wi-Fi Radar


Amongst all the popular Wi-Fi boosting apps, Wi-Fi radar is considered very popular and also the only one which shows the wireless network’s physical location.Also with a variety of functions which includes a graphical analyzer where you can see a 360 degree view of all the available wifi networks around you.One of the most unique feature includes recovering the default password of a router without ease.Also with the radar option you can see all the network available around you(open and closed).


 Wi-Fi Mobile Network Speed


Now with a variety of new settings in the newest version, the wi-fi mobile network speed allows its users to use a real time app speed.This will also allow you to search and diagnose the security factors associated with your home network where you can scan for other network which may interfere with your own network frequency.One of the best feature of this app is that you will be able to tune any network which you have access too which will also display the network signal bars with quality.

 Wi-Fi Analyzer


If you are always logged into one single network then this app is for you. Because with this app you can simply login to your wi-fi network and customize its frequency according to your smartphones frequency.Also this will allow you to search between different networks and also see how many devices are connected to to your wifi network.

 Open Signal 3G/4G Wi-Fi Maps And SpeedTest


Even being a recent launch, this app has caught the android market really fast. This app helps to boost wi-fi signal and also designed to for various functions such as scanning for best cellular coverage, wi-fi hotspots and even check all the cellular networks in your surroundings.Not just that you will be to see all the cellular networks according to their network strength so you can get a new network for your connectivity using mobile data.


So these were a list of the 5 best Wi-Fi booster apps for your android smartphone.And the best part is that you can get it all from the Google Play Store for free. Yes, all of this apps are for free and doesn’t include any ads or sign in.

Hope you will like this article and enjoy using this apps to increase your Wi-Fi connectivity speed.Please share and leave a comment below if you know any other apps which helped you to increase your Wi-Fi network speed.Thank you & enjoy your new high speed internet without paying even a single penny.

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