Top 5 Best Screen Recording Apps

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Android devices now a days have become useful and also a must have essential part of our life.We do all types of works, entertainment, educational purposes and many other works with an android device. Not to mention sharing screenshot of gameplay with friend of highscore and reaching a new level has always made it exciting.But now a days people tend to show people not only that they have reached a new level but also how they reached it.This is where the screen recorder comes in.

Unlike a screenshot, a screen recorder will record everything that is running on the device(on the screen not a background app) and displayed on the screen. in this way a screen recorder can record just like a video cam but directly from the screen.

Now, with a number of different screen recorder apps out there, it is difficult to choose from on which app to use as  few of the app may contain virus or malicious files or simply may crash in between recording. So today I am going to make a list of the top 5 screen recording apps that you will be able to record your screen works without any problem.

(Please Note : All this app required a rooted device to work)

Top 5 Screen Recording Apps


Rec is one of the best android recording app. It has an user friendly interface  look.This app is a simple recorder where you just have to launch the app and adjust to the bitrate at which you an to record  and you need to set a desired time of recording.Then you just need to hit on record button and you are ready to record everything that is going on your device screen.There is also an option for recording with visual as well as audio recording, also with the name you want to set the recording for before you start recording.the app has a default set of 10seconds when you hit record to give you the  your game or work that you want to record.


Now you can simply stop the record by simply tap on the “Stop” button the app using the notification in bar.Now free versions allows you to run a recording of 5minutes for screen recording and audio recording of 30 seconds. So if you want to rather no limit your recording time then you can upgrade with the paid in version which allows unlimited video and audio recording.

2. Screen Recorder For KitKat

Screen Recorder app for KitKat is one of the most simple application to record screen play and is also free to download. Here you can include different features that canbe used like setting up of your own resolution, adjusting of bitrate and countdown before recording for 3minutes.You can simply start the recording when you are inside the app and press on the recording button.


Now while recording you will also be able to use and see the recording oflike on the Notification in bar . A short sound with vibration will let you know that the video is going to end just before the app reaches its recording limit.

3. SCR Screen Recorder Free

SCR is a recorder app for android which will basically enable you to record each and everything that is going through your display screen. It allows you to record for 3minutes to the video with the free version. The app doesn’t come with a user interface but comes with a rectangular basic box that includes 3 different buttons : i) Record ii) Accessing Settings iii) Exit button. Now once the app is started , you will able to see a tab on the right on side of the screen which indicates the app will be recording.


Now when stopping most of recording you need to shut off your screen for 2seconds or re-open the app again.You can find a decent amount of features that you can try from the setting option in the app. Settings that include CPU or GPU, indicator for bitrate and a frame to choose he limit of frame rate and much more.

4. Screen Record(For KitKat)

Another screen on recording app for KitKat that allows you with a decent amount of time to record the screen with the name you want without any extra features. The app allows you to record till a duration of 120seconds on the free version and unlimited duration on the premium version.The app simply start to record when you tap on the record button and ends after 120seconds automatically.


As the image above says, all videos are saved to sdcard>ScreenRecord>folder which makes it easy to find. Being the recording for 120seconds you won’t find any watermark on the video.Now you need to go for the paid version which allows you record for 10minutes.


Shou is a beta app and this app being in beta version is slot promising with alot of of feature compared to other apps which other apps don’t offer.Here using Shou to take a screen recording or mirror your device to any other  device screen to any other AirPlay enabled device and you can take a screenshot just  simply by shaking your phone.


Shou doesn’t have any limit on the recording and you can also broadcast directly as you record. Now you need to select your encoded search engine and also the various in-built search result for the various types of search matters.

So these were the top 5 apps for recording your screen activity and also which are free of cost with a limited amount of time to record. You can just upgrade to a premium version of the apps you like and keep on recording for as much as you want.If you know any other app that can be in the list please leave a comment below and also if you liked this article please share and leave a comment below.

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