Top 5 Antivirus For Android Device- Free Downloads

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Top 5 Antivirus For Android Device: There is controversy regarding the antivirus security app whether it is required in the smart phones but, there are increasing numbers of malwares that infects data of the smart phones. The more open nature of android operating system to download and install from wide range of sources including Google play store make it susceptible to malwares that have grown accustomed to dealing with windows PC. Moreover anyone can upload apps without pre-approval and these may have malware containing threats. On installation of these apps containing malware will infect data files present in the smart phones. It may results in slowing down, damage the operating system or malfunction the operating system. There are also different android malwares that is typically used to steal valuable personal data from the smart phones without your knowledge.

To make the smart phones under protection from threats, security antiviruses have been developed. The most of the android security app contain packages that include a host of tools from contact filtering to remote lock or wipe. The security antivirus apps are available in both free and premium version. The free antivirus apps are only for personal and non- commercial purposes.

We have reveal the best top five android security antivirus apps as tested by malware specialists AV- Test and also investigate which are more reliable in their security functions.

List of Top 5 Antivirus For Android Device


The app is free, very streamlined and elegant design. According to AV-Test Virtually flawless detection rate is of 99.9 %, the highest of any of the app tested.

The app is provided with standard real time scan which will safeguard Smartphone from malware, spyware and other threats causing infection. The app is capable of detecting, and fixing system vulnerabilities. It also has cleaning up tools so as to run the phone more efficiently. The latest version is provided with junk file cleaner, memory booster, privacy with encryption and anti-thief tools.

Top 5 Antivirus For Android Device

2) Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus

Avast mobile security is a genuinely free antivirus app having impressive range of tools performing various important functions. It scans apps in detail of their performance. The app is provided with web shield which scans URLs for malware.

The package also contain anti-thief component which, remote control the Smartphone via SMS. So if phone is lost one can remotely lock it, locate it or wipe it. The overall rate of malware detection is 99.9 % according to AV-Test.

In a rooted device there is also firewall that allows controlling network traffic.

Top 5 Antivirus For Android Device

3) ESET Mobile security and Antivirus

According to AV-Test report the overall detection rate is 100%. The app is provided with real-time scanning, anti-thief tools, anti-phishing protection, audit feature, device monitoring, and call blocking tools.

Top 5 Antivirus For Android Device

4) AVIRA Antivirus Security

The overall detection rate is 100% without false positive. Avira antivirus scans for potential trouble, new apps and updates automatically. The app is also provided with anti-theft tools, anti-phishing tools, call blocker etc.

Top 5 Antivirus For Android Device

5) AVL Antivirus

The app is provided with 100% detection rate with no false positive according to AV-Test. It scans variety of file formats and designed to work fast and efficiently. If one is looking for malware protection without anti-theft tools or identity protection or any other such features AVL antivirus will suit you.

Top 5 Antivirus For Android Device


In term of their ability to protect data in smart phone, there is almost nothing to separate among these antivirus apps. They all perform well protection and helps in keeping away from malware attack. One can use any of these apps to remain free from malware attack and run more efficiently.


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