Tips For Attracting More Dates on Plenty of Fish

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Do you ever get frustrated with the amount of time you spend
trying to get How to Login to Plenty of Fish – POF Login? If you answered yes, then it’s
time you learn some tricks of the trade. For this, we will be using the
popular and free Plenty of Fish dating site. These tips will help you
to decrease your time online, increase your efficiency and deliver more
potential dates.

1. Create a Killer Profile

Most people
can’t wait to begin searching for potential dates that they end up
spending little time on creating a quality profile. What they don’t
realize, is that by taking the time to make a great profile, you save
yourself a ton of time down the road. The reason is that once you have
your profile tweaked to perfection, it will do most of the work for you.
This is what you want, people coming to you for dates, rather than
sending out countless messages in an endless pursuit.

2. Use More Pictures

hear that old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words?” Well,
Plenty of Fish allows you to put up a maximum of eight pictures in your
profile, so you potentially have a worth of 8,000 words! The trick is to
display a variety of different pictures that help to show your unique
personality. This is exponentially more effective than what you write in
your “about me” section. It allows you to quickly display your value
with a single glance at your pictures.

3. Maximize Picture Ratings

having lots of pictures in your profile is good, you also need to make
sure that the pictures are attractive to the types of people you are
seeking. Sometimes we can’t tell what pictures will be attractive and
what won’t. What better way to find out than the picture rating feature
on the Plenty of Fish website. All you have to do is go to the ‘images’
section and set all your pictures to be rated. Then after about a week,
check to see how the pictures were rated. If they rate above a 6 then
it’s a keeper. If it’s below a 6, then swap that picture out with a new
one. Keep repeating this process until all of your pictures have a high

4. View Favorites

One nice feature on the Plenty of
Fish dating site is the “Favorites.” Whenever a person is browsing for
potential dates they have the option to add someone they like as a
favorite. The good news about this is that you can view who has added
you into their favorites. It only makes sense to use this feature and
contact those that you find attractive. Because you know that these
people are already attracted to you, you’ll have a much better chance of

5. Find Your Fans

Similar to the “Favorites”
feature is the “Fans” feature. This can be located on your own profile
next to the “Rate My Picture” line. When you enable your pictures to be
rated, which you should, you will be able to view anyone who rated you a
7 or higher. Again, this increases your dating efficiency because you
can quickly find people that are already attracted to you.

6. Leverage the Forums

discussed above, we want our profiles to do most of the work. The
problem is that the profile can only do the heavy lifting if it is
receiving a lot of views. So, how do we increase the traffic to our
profiles? We leverage the Plenty of Fish forums.

The forums are
very active and any one thread can get thousands of views. Thus, the
strategy we want to employ is to write an occasional post in the forums.
When you do this, people reading the forum threads can see your profile
picture and click through to it. Bingo! You’ve just vastly increased
the traffic to your profile.

7. Tell the Truth

The end
result of online dating is to meet up in real life. By this time, your
date will know a little bit about you and has some expectations of who
they are about to meet. When they do meet you, your real life profile
better match your online profile. If it doesn’t, you’ve automatically
lost your integrity, which will kill any chance you had with that

Sure, you may get more online responses if you lie and
stretch the truth, but you only sabotage the end result. Not only that,
but you wasted precious time on someone that wasn’t going to be
attracted to you in the first place. Stick to the truth and work with
that. It’s the only way to make your real life dates as best they can

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