Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Dedicated Server

Hosting provider provides different types of hosting and users need to choose as per your requirements. Dedicated servers are secure and fast as compared to other hosting options. You need to look after many things before choosing a dedicated server. Here in this post you will get to know about things you need to consider before buying a dedicated server.

Operating System

There are many options of operating systems you can choose for your hosting but among all Windows and Linux platform are widely used. Linux is widely used as it is an open source platform and it supports popular open source programming languages as PHP, MySQL, Apache and Ruby on Rails. But if your site is developed on Microsoft technologies as ASP.Net, SQL Server you need to choose Windows hosting.

Hardware Configuration

Hardware configuration is the most important thing which helps a lot on your site performance. So, you need to choose servers which run on highly configured hardware system. Hardware is the only thing that can increase the reliability and stability of website. RAM, Storage, processors highly depends on performance. Servers those provide high RAM, SAS or STA storage, input output virtualization is best to choose. This hardware configuration is not so expensive and provides better stability and reliability to your site.

Data Centre

For uninterrupted and error free server data center play a vital role. For a business and highly visiting site you need to choose Tier 3 or Tier 4 data level service as it is known for server uptime and data redundancy.  Data center of a provider remains in different place as it increases data security. But here you need to check whether any data center of the provider falls on seismic zone. It is good to choose data center on same geographical location as you. Data center on same geographical location also can increases performance of a site.


People choose dedicated server with better bandwidth who are running high traffic sites. To meet all your expectation you need to choose server with huge bandwidth. Whatever hosting provider you have chosen first look after the bandwidth they are providing as per your plan.

Server Monitor

Regular server monitoring is a very important rule as it ensures good management of server. Provider that offers regular server management is good to choose. In dedicated servers management many tools and applications are used to track everything going on server as usage, performance, uptime and much more.


Hacking and phishing is the major two things that you don’t want in your site. Daily many sites are hacked and it is possible as they running on downgraded servers. If server using all modern technologies to identify every spam and virus then go for it. If you are owns a dedicated server then you will have root access through which you can build optimal security. Providers also provides anti-spam dedicated servers and those servers is under the shield of advanced antivirus which easily can detect any threats, corrupted files and data phishing.

Hosting plan

Many leading hosting service providers able their user to switch to any plans as per your requirements. On whatever plans you are running your site you can switch to better at any time which reduces cost of choosing another hosting provider.


Provider need to provide good technical support to their customer 24×7. They need to solve your queries at minimum time which every customer need to have. Provider those have experienced technical stuffs and have ability to solve problems instantly is good to choose. They should have many options for support so that users can easily contact with the support team.

Dedicated server is best for high traffic site and for secure application. The core or main site of every business need to runs on dedicated servers which helps in many regards as on stability and security. Dedicated servers are highly recommended as it will keep your site secure from any types of online threats and also increases the site performance.  You must look after the hosting plans and features as Bandwidth, RAM, Storage and security which are the most important things for better performance. Above in this post I have listed things you need to consider before buying a dedicated server. Scrutinize everything that I have listed and then choose the provider.


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