The Best Android Starter Apps

Just got yourself a new Android? Congratulations! But that phone isn’t going to customise itself. Once you’ve unboxed it, gone through the process of getting it switched on and charged up, you’re going to be heading to the Google Play store to start downloading apps. The question is: what apps should you be downloading? And that’s why we’re here. We’ve got the definitive list of started Android apps, so you’ll have all the essentials you’ll need.

We’ll start with the very basic things that you’re going to want to download, and then move on to some possibilities that you might not have considered.

Your Messaging Apps

For most of us, messaging is the easiest and most convenient way of communicating. Who wants to make a call when you can send a text instead? And that means that your first app store download will probably be your messaging app of choice. There are several options here, and you might want to consider: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Google Allo. Maybe you need all of those, maybe not, your best bet is to go with whatever most of your friends/family have.

Your Social Media Apps

Messaging taken care of, let's move on to your social media apps. And again, this is going to depend on your accounts If Facebook is your thing, you should go for that (though be warned, the Facebook app is notorious for draining battery power, so if at all possible you should skip this and access Facebook through your mobile browser instead). Maybe you need Twitter or Instagram

Your Music Apps

There are still some people that use their phones as an MP3 player. But for the most part these days we stream music from our mobiles to our car speakers, Bluetooth speakers, or Sonos systems. Either way, you'll need your chosen music app for this. Google Play Music is always a good choice for Android users (and you gettonsof free storage as well as the possibility to upgrade to a paid account for more streaming possibilities). Or if you have a Spotify or Pandora account, you'll want to download those too.

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Okay, your phone can now handle most of what you want it to do, with messaging, social media, and music apps installed. But we've got a few more specific apps that you really should be downloading at this point to...

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Truecaller Mobile App

Truecaller is an awesome app,and one that you won't appreciate until you've checked it out. The app itself is very simple, all it does is reverse search numbers that are calling you and lets you know if a caller is spam or sales. You can set up your own blocklist, meaning once you've received a call once from a number you don't have to even have the phone ring the next time. If you frequently use your phone number to sign up for things (and as a result gettonsof sales calls), then Truecaller is a must have.

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Microsoft Office Application

Okay, okay, we get it, you bought an Android, not a Windows phone. However, Microsoft Office is a free download for Android, and is handier than you'd think to have around. Mostly this is because it will open most file formats, meaning you can download and read email attachments easily, for example. It doesn't matter whether you're in business or a student, being able to view text files in proper format on your phone is pretty darn useful.

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Google Keep Application

Yes, there are plenty of note taking and organisation apps out there, but Google Keep is hands down the best. Make lists, keep notes, add pictures, drawings, share with other people, colour code things, set reminders and alarms. Google Keep really does it all, and better than that, it's easy to use and very intuitive. If you only download one productivity app to your new Android, make it Google Keep, and you'll never forget anything again!

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Pocket Bookmarking App

Pocketis useful for a whole host of reasons. Basically, it's a bookmarking app, which means when you see something you like online you use Pocket to save it. Your saved version can be read later, maybe when you're at your computer for a better reading experience, or when you're on the train (rather than at your desk). Even better, Pocket will also download articles when you're on WiFi, so you can read them later without needing to use your mobile data.

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Security Apps

If your phone contains your whole life (and for most of us, it really does), then there are a couple of security apps that we recommend downloading first. Lookout is a simple mobile antivirus app that keeps your phone safe, but has the advantage of also backing up all your data, just in case the worst should happen. And LastPass is a password management tool that will create secure, randomised passwords for your account, and then remember them all for you (you'll only need to remember your LastPass password). These two apps in combination should make your phone pretty secure but you do need to make sure you’re aware of some of the social engineering phone scams out there that no app can protect you from.

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Zedge Apps

One of the greatest things about owning an Android is just how customisable your phone is. And what better way to get started than with Zedge? The app contains one of the largest collections of free, high quality, wallpapers, ring tones and alerts around. And they're all functional and secure (unlike files you might find from other places). 

There are a massive 7.5 million files available on Zedge, all are free, and you can preview everything before deciding to download. Sure, there are going to be other apps that you want to download. Games, TV and media apps, a new browser or SMS programme, maybe. But the above are the essentials. Once you've got these, then you can spend a little time thinking about what else you need. Now go and enjoy your new phone!

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