How To Take A Snapshot On An Android Phone

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Taking a snapshot on your device is one of the most important thing to do as taking a snapshot is really a good thing for people who have to save something important, whether it is to share with friend or to to publish it with blogs.A snapshot can help you out when you need it.

Taking a snapshot to show your highscore to friends or to post a link on your blog(Which I use alot) is something that you can’t find anywhere else helps you through the headache of clicking photo using two devices.

Few Of The Best Ways To Take A Snapshot

Taking a screenshot with Android 4.0 ( Ice Cream Sandwich)

If you are an android 4.0 user you can takescreenshot the easiest way. All you need to do is Press and Hold the Volume Down and Power button at the same time, after a few tries you will be able take a screenshot easily. You will see an animation on your screen indicating that a photo has been saved.Now to view the snapshot all you have to do is visit the Gallery app and tap on the folder basically named Screenshot.


Android SDK

You can also take a snapshot using an Android device and using an app named Android SDK. After downloading and installing the app you simply need to connect your device to computer with USB and startup the SDK.


This isn’t one of the most user friendly app to set up but is easy to use once you are familiar with the app.

AShot AKA Android Screen Capture

AShot is a freeware and an open source way to take snapshots on your android devices from your PC or Laptop. It requires you to download and install Android SDK and properly configured. It provides with a wide variety of advanced settings and features that allows the user to have an excellent experience.


It includes a near-real-time streaming of the android’s screen to the Ashot application on computer.

Manufacturer Shortcuts

Most of the manufactures of android device with Android version of 4.0 and above has a special screenshot shortcut pre installed.For example, on a large amount of Samsung Galaxy Note Or Galaxy S2 you simply need to press Home and Power Buttons at the same time to take a screen snapshot which in practice you need to just press the Home button and then press the power button really quick and you will notice that the screenshot has been taken and automatically saved in the gallery. As well as on galaxy s, you simply need to press and hold back button and power key to take a screenshot which you can find inside the gallery with a folder named as Screenshots.


Different version of android devices which are lower then 4.0 also have a variety of different shortcuts- pre-defined by Google and you might use them to take a screenshot. You can also try a combo of different types of button to take a screenshot the only thing is that don’t hold the buttons for too long as that will lock the device like as with the normal locking system of homescreen.

Device-Specific Apps

Some of the manufacturer specific hooks into the OS allowing some apps to provide an easy and user friendly way of taking a screen shot. For example For different Samsung devices of different kind you need to be free from to capture a screenshot without rooting the device.


Another example of a device -specific app is AndroSS, Which can take screen image on Android without root access on Tegra devices.

These were few of the best Snapshot apps and also few built-in function which you can use to take a screenshot of your games highscore or even an app review if you are blogger you can easily take a snapshot and post it on your blog, which would be useful and also that would look good and creating a good blog.Hope this article was helpful for you and please do share and leave a comment below if you liked this article.

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