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How to speed up Windows 7? This question is one of the major problem for most windows users. Microsoft Windows 7 is a great operating system to use.

 I am very impressed by its speed and smoother graphics. Its one of the best selling operating system of Microsoft. Its a much improved in term of speed than Windows Vista.

When you install it on your desktop or laptop, you will get very faster speed. But over the time, your laptop/PC gets slower. Do you know, why it becomes slow. Its not the problem of Windows 7. Its the common problem of all Operating Systems.

So In this post, i will tell you How To Speed Up Window 7 Easily? If you are also facing, this problem of slow windows 7, than you must read this article.

Speed Up Windows 7 Computer: Key Points

So its the time to follow below points and speed up your Windows 7 Computer.

  1. 1 Stop & Disable Unnecessary Services

    By default, Windows 7 runs with several unnecessary services keeping On. These unnecessary services keeps on eating RAM and CPU usage, resulting in slow computer. So we have to identify those unwanted services and disable them completely. 

    These type of services include IP Helper, Offline Files Service, Network Access Protection (NAP) agent service, Fax Service and more. You have to disable them all and save your system resources.

  2. 2 Control On StartUp Items

    If you wants to speed up windows 7, you have to keep control on startup items. More startup items are also the culprit for slowness of windows 7. Recently I have installed a software and that software kept on staring at startup. Which is not necessary at startup and causing slowness. I identified the cause and stopped that software from running at startup. If you want to control startup items than use CCleaner.

    There is another way for it, Just goto Start menu and search for MSconfig than click on Startup Tab. This will also speed up Windows 7 boot.

  3. 3 Remove All Unnecessary Software Not In Use

    You have to keep a check on all the programs installed in your Windows 7 system. If you find there are some softwares, you don;t use. Go and get rid of them in Control Panel. Many times there are some bloatware installed by Computer Vendors. These bloatware are most trial softwares and Games. You have to remove them immediately to free up some memory. These bloatwares or Unnecessary softwares bring system performance to crawl.

    Recently I have a softawre which I installed last year and not using at the moment. That was heavy software for Cisco Routers. I immediately uninstalled that and find an improvement in performance.

    For removing these type of software goto Start Menu > Control Panel > Programs and Features.

  4. 4 Keep The System Malware Free

    Windows Systems are highly vulnerable to Malware attacks. So we have to keep the system Malware free. Malware including viruses and spyware can be the major cause of slowness. To keep your system Malware free, I personally recommend you to install Avast Free Antivirus, which can even beat paid AV’s and doesn’t impacts on system performance.

  5. 5 Use CCleaner

    Its a great software for any Windows Computer. Its a must have softawre for all windows systems. Its number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It makes your computer faster and secure. It cleans up all the areas of your computer like in major web browsers Temporary files, history, cookies, download history, form history. In Windows; Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files. Also it clears unused and old registry entries.

    Download CCleaner

  6. 6 Disk Defragmentation

    Fragmentation of hard disk data is a major cause of slowness of computer. When there is not enough space to store data in hard drive, it store the data in the form of fragments means Fragmented Data. It will make your system to crawl. So disk fragmentation is necessary. To perform disk fragmentation, follow below steps:

    • Goto Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter
    • Than click on the drive, you want to defragment
    • Click on Analyze disk.
    • After full Analysis of disk, mean when it completed, click on Defragment disk.
    • Wait for  the process to complete and see the Report or Close.
  7. 7 Add More Memory

    Memory or Ram is a major factor in the performance of system. If you system is consuming more memory and become sluggish, its time to add more RAM to your computer. Last year, after adding more memory to my Windows 7 Notebook, its performance boosts drastically. Before adding more memory, it will be helpful to investigate memory usage.

  8. 8 Power Settings

    Power Settings can also helps you to gain some performance, instead of saving battery consumption. You can opt for High Performance by going at system tray, click on battery icon than more power option. 

    Though  i choose Balanced mode, because high performance mode can drain your battery faster and reduces battery life. High performance mode can boost performance only in few conditions.

  9. 9 Use ReadyBoost

    ReadyBoost is great feature of Windows 7. To use this feature, you just need a USB Storage Device. This feature will use of USB Storage Device as cache, thus improving the performance of system. To use this feature, following specification is set by Microsoft:

    • At least 256 MB of storage, with at least 64 KB of free space
    • At least a 2.5 MB/sec throughput for 4-KB random reads
    • At least a 1.75 MB/sec throughput for 1MB random writes

    If the system is already fast than ReadyBoost feature option will not be available when you insert USB Stick.

  10. 10 Miscellaneous Tips

    • Use Mozilla Firefox instead of Google Chrome. Because Firefox is much more efficient in terms of memory optimization than Chrome. It only means Firefox takes less memory than Chrome, while opening many tabs.
    • Keeps your all installed software updated.
    • Keep Windows Updated.
    • Use original copy of Windows and all softwares.
    • Use a cooling pad, if you use Laptop. Over-Heating of CPU cause slowness of system. Cooling Pad keeps the internal parts of system cool.
    • Keep the system in clean state.


Speeding up Windows 7 is not a difficult task. You just have to follow the above mentioned points. These all mentioned points can make a big difference in Windows 7 Performance, if applied properly. If you have any other way to speed up windows 7, you are welcomed in comments section.

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