Download Shadow Fight 2 for PC Windows (Latest Version)- Full Guide!

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Shadow Fight 2 is a combat style, Arcade-Action smartphone games. They have some of the cool fighting techniques and style that is fun and one can engage in the game for playing the endless games. Such great games, but yet there is a problem within the game. And the problem is being the controls and navigation.  So to get the best controls, you must play the Shadow Fight 2 for PC. Here with the help of the keyboard and it’s you can execute the right functions and control. As it’s endless and the speed keeps on increasing, you need a better control.

shadow fight 2 for pc

Download the Shadow Fight 2 for PC and this will help you gain great control over the game. The main function of the game is to kick, punch, jump, and slash the incoming opponents. You are playing as Ninja and in the dark alley. You will face the continuous and incoming enemies which will have to beat them all to face victory.

Such games are always pitiful to play on your PC. So, let us now get into the tutorials for downloading Shadow Fight 2 game on your PC.

How to download Shadow Fight 2 for PC:

Shadow fight 2 is an Android smartphone game which is quite not possible to run on the PC. In order to run the Android games on your PC, you must install the third-party application. The Bluestacks android emulator is one of the best applications for running the android games. They are free to download and once they are installed you can start using all the Android games on your PC.

Download Bluestacks Android emulator:

Bluestacks is an Android emulator app which will help you to install any android games. So before you go for downloading the games, let us get you install the Bluestacks first. Follow the steps below.

  • To download the Bluestacks Application- Click here
  • Now you will enter into the official website
  • Click on the download button for Windows PC
  • And this will download the EXE file
  • Finally, install the Application in your PC

Note: If you are using the other android emulator application, you can still run this game. Just follow the below-shown steps to download the game on your PC.

Download and install Shadow Fight 2 for Windows:

Soon after you have installed the Bluestacks application, now you can start downloading the Shadow Fight 2 game on your PC. They are very simple to use, all you have to is, open the apps through the Bluestacks. Well now let us into the tutorials for downloading the Shadow Fight 2.

shadow fight windows

  • Open the Bluestacks App on your PC
  • Now you will enter into the app which is the exact mirror image of an Android smartphone
  • You will find the android applications like Browser and Play store app
  • Click on the Play Store and login/sign in, if required
  • Next, you will enter into the play store
  • Type and search for the game- Shadow Fight 2
  • Finally, when you find it click the install button to download and install the app.

Features of Shadow Fight 2

    • Free to download- This is a free game which you can download from Google Play store. You can directly get access to Play store using the Bluestacks or other Android emulators.
    • Play online- You can also connect with your friends through online and check and compete for the for the high score.
    • Intense weapon and skills- You can play the game using the most dangerous weapon like Katana, spear, hook and also when you upgrade, you will unlock the magic spells of Ninjas.
    • User-Friendly Interface- The game is very easy to play and have better controls over the game, perfect for playing on both smartphone as well as PC.


So here are the complete details by which can easily download and install the Shadow Fight 2 for PC. If you are bored on playing this awesome game on your phone with limited access to controlling keys, then now you can switch it to the keyboard of your PC. Just get the Bluestacks Android emulator on your PC and start playing any Android games on your Windows PC.

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