Scan Your PC Without Antivirus

If your system got a malicious attack and the system doesn’t have any antivirus installed then No need to worry. You can scan your PC without installing antivirus. In most of the new computers, antivirus is pre-installed. So no need to worry if computer is new.

Many people do not install any antivirus software because it can slow down their system. But there is a chance of a virus attack every time, if you are connected to internet.

What will you do, when your PC got infected with a virus? If you have an antivirus installed on PC then it is already prevented from getting any malicious attack. But if not installed then malicious program will spread in to whole windows and conflict with other programs.

Most people will install new Windows OS to get rid-off that nasty virus program. If you don’t have any backup of your data, it may get lost after installing OS.

But there is no need to worry. There is another great solution which can scan your PC without antivirus.Kinda different. Let’s proceed with it.

What Will You Do Now?

In this situation, You should use an online scanner to scan your PC without installing Antivirus. Some time ago, one of my friend’s PC got infected with malicious program and it spreads spread throughout all system data. 

At that time he used an online virus scanner to scan his PC and got rid that malicious program. Although there are many online virus scanner available but i recommend you to use F-Secure Online Scanner or Trend Micro Housecall.

If you have an old computer which doesn’t have capacity to run an AV. In that case, you can scan your PC weekly with online virus scanner.

Scan Your PC Without Antivirus: The Safe Way

To scan your PC without antivirus, below are the steps, you should follow:

  1. Restart your system (Computer)
  2. Press F8 or F6 to go to the SAFE MODE
  3. Now choose the option of SAFE MODE with NETWORKING to run the online virus scanner.
  4. Go to the Trend Micro Housecall
  5. Download the software and start scanning
  6. Remove all infected files, if you are sure that it is infectious.

So these are the steps to follow to scan your PC without Antivirus. One of the most important point in these steps is to boot into the Safe Mode. Most of the online scanner available on web are totally free. You can choose accordingly. You can remove all infected file absolutely free.

It is highly recommended to ensure full safety of your PC. Computers with no antivirus installed should online scan their PC weekly.


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