How To Save A Water-Damaged Mobile Phone

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How To Save A Water-Damaged Mobile Phone? It is one the biggest question for every person holding a mobile phone. Many of us accidentally dropped our mobile phone in water containing areas like toilet or in a pot of water. The situation got even more worse when the phone is in your pocket and it has been washed in washing machine. Mobile phones are not water-resistant unless you are holding an expensive smartphone of new technologies. But almost all mobiles are not water-resistant.

How To Save A Water-Damaged Mobile Phone

What will you do when your cell phone get damaged in water. In other words, how you will save a water damaged mobile phone. There is a big chance to damage to a cell phone, if it gets wet. But If you are fast enough, you can save your mobile phone from becoming useless. You can surely save the life of your mobile phone, if it get s water damaged or wet.

Save A Water-Damaged Mobile Phone: Tips

1. Get Your Phone Out Of Water As Soon As Possible

It is not be explained. You should take your phone out of water as soon as possible. The more it remain in water, more chances of getting it damaged by water. As early you take it out of water, you can save its life easily. After taking it out, if mobile is working, it is best to switch-off the phone immediately.

2. Remove The Battery

It is highly recommend to remove the battery of mobile as soon as you take it out of water. A charged battery can really damage the circuits of mobile phone. If you have put any external micro SD card in phone, remove that also. By doing this, you also save your precious data to be obsolete. You should also remove SIM card, if there is one.

3. Make It Dry

Now comes the important step which can make your phone to work properly. If the phone gets wet, there are high chances that moisture or water got inside it. Now you have to make that phone dry. How you will do this ?

First you should keep the outer part of phone dry. To do this, you can take a towel or a paper o cloth which can easily suck water and after that do all basic steps to make it dry. Don’t move or shack the phone excessively as it can make water to go in more parts. Make dry the important areas like battery area, earphone area and mainly from backside.

For internal parts: Surely you have a rice in your home. To suck moisture out of it, after removing all removable parts battery etc, bury that phone inside rice. Fully cover the phone with the rice. Move the phone after 30 minutes, so that moisture get suck out of it properly.

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4. Wait

After putting or burying the mobile phone , you ultimate responsibility is to wait. After that you can do anything except waiting. It is recommended to wait at least 24 hours, 48 hours is recommended. The more time you put the phone in rice pot, there will be high chance of getting your phone in working condition.

5. Test It

After burying the mobile phone in rice for hours of time, take it out of it. After that reassemble all parts like battery, SIM card and micro SD card. Now try to switch-on the phone. There are chance that you will get a working phone in hand. But if it not turn ON then Your phone is dead now.

6. Take It To Expert

If it seems that the phone is not working. Take it to an expert or mobile repair expert. Tell me whole incident exactly and what you have done to make the phone up in working condition. If there is chance, they can surely fix that in short time.

So these are tips or you can say process to Save A Water-Damaged Mobile Phone. It is very essential for every person to know about these tips because about all of us holds a phone and these tips are surely worth it to make any wet phone working.

At last, It can be said, Prevention is better than care. So use your mobile phone safely. If you have any other tip for tell in comments section.

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