Run Multiple WhatsApp accounts on iPhone

Installing two apps of the same versions and and running them simultaneously under the same device is something that some of us want to do since we were kids. 

That may be, to have fun or as now to keep a track of someone and this creates a momentum of fun and safe guarding what we love most. Having the same messaging app in one phone can be really cool too.

One of the most versatile messaging app i.e WhatsApp has built its reputation with the wide spread of their app within the reach of every mobile user, now let it be android, iOS, blackberry or java OS users.

Whatsapp was founded in 2009 by two former employee of yahoo Brian Acton and Jan Koum.

There are lot of tricks that you can use on your whatsapp to access the non accessible contents of whatsapp.But today I am going to show you something more special.Because today I am going to show you how you can run and use two Whatsapp account simultaneously on same device which can’t be done theoretically.

Lets first learn alittle about the things we are going to need to get down with the process.

About WhatsApp

Basically WhatsApp is a messaging app with a variety of platforms like for iOS and other smartphones.This messaging app only uses your internet connection to send and receive messages that include normal texts, images, files and videos etc.

Features Of WhatsApp On iPhone

The newest versions also supports free calls from one whatsapp user to other.

Now you might also think, Why Whatsapp ???

  • Whatsapp uses the in-built internet connection in your phone and has no other extra charges which is applied on many other messaging apps.
  • You can send a variety of files that include image, videos, and voice texts etc.
  • Free calls from one whatsapp user to another even if you are not in the country and all that for free.And all you need is internet connection and whatsapp installed in both phones.
  • Now you can also enjoy chatting with your friends all together in the new group chat which allows a lot of people to be live together in a single group.
  • Now whatsapp is even available for pc and messages can be sent and received over the web.
  • Chat with friend all over the world without any extra charges.
  • No sign in, username or any other pin code confirmation, all you need is your phone number like any other phone texting.
  • With whatsapp you are basically always connected and logged in to your account and don't have to loggin like other apps and so you won't even miss a single text.
  • Whatsapp uses your contact list to automatically refresh and bring out the people who are using whatsapp and whom you can suggest.
  • Whatsapp also saves all your messages automatically in case your  device shuts down so you can resume your text right from where you left.

Not just that you can even share your location details, exchange contacts,use custom wallpaper and many other settings.

About iPhone

History :Launched in 2007, iPhone brought in a revolution in the field of smartphones. With it's release iPhone completely let all other smartphones obsolete in that time.With the launch of iPhone 3G and 3GS brought all other smart phone to their knees and after the launch of iphone 4 & 4s with Retina and the introduction of Siri changed the world of Smartphone Ui.And iphone continued with more launches and now with the launch of iPhone 6 & 6S, they bought in new hardwares and even a 3D Touch which offers  a pleasant interaction with iphone.

Support: iPhone supports a wide variety of app which can be for educational or entertainment purpose.Such an app is the Whatsapp, which allows you to connect to all other whatsapp users with free texting and calls and much more.

So today I am going to show you how you can have more fun with your Whatsapp.I am going to take you through a small tutorial on how you can install 2 whatsapp apps and use them simultaneously on a single device and stop worrying about missing any messages or life events.

So let's start our tutorial on running multiple Whatsapp accounts on your iPhone.

(NOTE:This won't work on iOS 9.0 to 9.0.2 and also on the latest 9.1 or the 9.2.)

Steps To Run Multiple WhatsApp accounts on iPhone

Also note that before going on further with the installation of 2 whatsapp apps simultaneously on one device will require you to accept a trusting source of 3rd party app which is listed as untrusted by Apple.This may cause some security threats but also note that while I tried this procedure I didn't face any problem.

So this is only recommended to use this steps only at your own risk.

Now keep all that in mind, let us start with the process without wasting more time.

  • First you need to install your basic Whatsapp(the first app) that you would install like any other app and also activate it using your phone number.
  • After you are done with installing and signing up into the existing app, you will need to fire up your safari browser.
  • Now in the browser, type in the URL : and press Go to follow in into the site
  • Once you are in the website you will need to click on the Whatsapp2.
  • You should be able to see a new whatsapp icon with a orange color icon, and also just below it will be a green button.
  • Press the green button and the Whatsapp 2 will start downloading.
  • After the downloading is over, you will be automatically informed by the iOs whether you want to install the app or cancel it.You will need to tap on Install to let the Whatsapp2 install in your device.
  • Simultaneously now you can exit your safari browser and let the installation complete.

(This May Take A While, So Please Have Patience)

  • One the installation is complete you need to launch the new Whatsapp 2 and make you way(navigate) to the app's Setting option and then into Setting>> General>> Profile.
  • Now that you are in the Profile, you will notice that unlike the normal whatsapp you have a "VNE software and...." tag. You will need to Click on the "VNE Software and..." tab and when the device prompts you, you will need to tap on "Trust" tab( This will automatically force the device to accept all the untrusted source to let you install & Run the Whatsapp2 app into your device)
  • Now that you have accepted the 3rd party notification for Whatsapp2, you can continue with the regular activation process and use a secondary phone number for your Whatsapp2 for the verification process.

(Note: Push Notification service won't work on any of the apps as this has violated the legal 3rd party notice of Apple)

Congrats, you have  successfully installed two Whatsapp's on one device and even can use them simultaneously. Now you can enjoy using both the apps with two different numbers.And don't ahve to worry about.

You can now enjoy staying connected to as many friends as you want and use one account for family use and the other with your friends, which will maintain a lot of privacy and you won't ever send a wrong message to a wrong person(Which happens with most of us).You can also enjoy playing a prank on your friend or even your close family members.

(Please Note : This is for entertainment purpose use only and for making your texting more fun and convenient at the same time, not for any illegal use.And incase of any illegal use, I won't bear any responsibility)

So hope you liked this simple tutorial on How to Run Multiple Whatsapp accounts on iPhone.If you did like this article then please share it with your friend and family members who also want to use 2 whatsapp on their single device simultaneously.Also leave a  comment below if you have any queries or confusion.

Thanks for reading & Enjoy.


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