Run Multiple WhatsApp accounts on iPhone

Installing two apps of the same versions and and running them simultaneously under the same device is something that some of us want to do since we were kids. 

That may be, to have fun or as now to keep a track of someone and this creates a momentum of fun and safe guarding what we love most. Having the same messaging app in one phone can be really cool too.

One of the most versatile messaging app i.e WhatsApp has built its reputation with the wide spread of their app within the reach of every mobile user, now let it be android, iOS, blackberry or java OS users.

Whatsapp was founded in 2009 by two former employee of yahoo Brian Acton and Jan Koum.

There are lot of tricks that you can use on your whatsapp to access the non accessible contents of whatsapp.But today I am going to show you something more special.Because today I am going to show you how you can run and use two Whatsapp account simultaneously on same device which can’t be done theoretically.

Lets first learn alittle about the things we are going to need to get down with the process.

About WhatsApp

Basically WhatsApp is a messaging app with a variety of platforms like for iOS and other smartphones.This messaging app only uses your internet connection to send and receive messages that include normal texts, images, files and videos etc.



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