Reasons to Use Online Backup for Your Business Files

Top Three Reasons to Use Online Backup for Your Business Files

If you are like most people in business, then you have hundreds to thousands of business files that you should have backed up. These files can include spreadsheets, documents, charts, and the like, all of which are needed for your business. Perhaps you need them for an upcoming presentation. Maybe you need to keep them for tax purposes. Whatever the case may be, if these files are not properly backed up then they can be lost forever if disaster strikes.

Most people think that a hard drive failure is the only thing that can go wrong with a computer so they won’t backup their files when their computer is new. Others will do a once a week backup using an external hard drive or another type of backup system. However, if you are not using online backup then you are asking for trouble.

Here are the top three reasons why you should backup your files online:

  1. 1 Total Safety

    13 % of new hard drives crash in the first year. 43 % of lost files are due to accidental deletion. Fire, theft, and other unforeseen events wipe out a computer and take all the files along. The list goes on and on. 

    However, when you have online backup, none of this is a concern. If anything happens to your computer and your files then you simply need another computer with an internet connection and with a few clicks of the mouse you will have all your files fully resorted.

  2. 2 Easy to Use

    Quality online backup services such as Carbonite and pCloud are simple to use. In order to take advantage of online backup for your business files, you simply have to install the software once and then set an initial backup. 

    After that, the program is designed to always be updating and saving files. As long as your computer is on, the program runs in the background and keeps all the latest version of your files safe and secure. 

    So, unlike saving to an external hard drive or other source, with online backup, there is nothing to set or remember as it is all automatic.

  3. 3 Safe and Affordable

    There are several quality online backup services that will protect all of your business files for around five bucks per month. Not bad for total piece of mind. 

    They are also safe and give you an added level of security for your business files as many online backup services practice double encryption. 

    This means that even if someone was able to hack into the system and get at your files, all they would be able to see is mumbo-jumbo. This is the same level of protection that most banks offer.

    If you are not backing up your files at all or you are backing up to an external source where you have to remember to do so you are simply not protected. How devastated would you be to lose all of your business files? Don't take the chance. With the ease of use and the low cost, online backup is a must for every business person.


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