PDF Editor for Windows: Movavi PDF Editor Complete Review

PDF is one of the most popular file format known for reliability and compatibility. The file format can be shared, opened, and edited (Completely or partially) in almost all the available computing devices; irrespective of OS nature. PDF file format is off to be utilized in Smartphone devices widely today. We have handful options of PDF editor for Windows and other OS platforms; however, web-based tools and freemium programs are not always reliable. Top notch companies on the other hand, may squish pretty much off your pocket for paid PDF editor apps. This piece of PDF editor review and recommendation may help out most of you stuck in the middle of freemium and premium.

Best PDF Editor for Windows

The format is very much admired in business field as well as personal purposes. Interestingly, it does not cost at all to create a PDF file while it can be carried out either in computer, Tabs or Smartphone. The file format contains, carries and deliver the information or contents exactly as same as they are created.

Either it is an official paperwork, or any sort of information one wish to send or upload on the web, PDF makes it all easy. This leads today the demand of creating or editing PDF is increasing excessively.

From office to home, PDF has become one of the most important aspect of our digitalized life that also positively impacting on ‘Save paper and go green’ ideology.

Now, plucking the right fruit, what would be the right program as PDF editor for Windows PC users?

Before making any conclusion, some points need to be considered as such expanded range of fonts, enhanced annotation points, in-built merging, etc. These features won’t be familiar to the freemium tool users whilst paying some bucks will do.

As of considering a premium PDF editor for Windows, we highly recommend Movavi PDF Editor. Find out why.

Movavi Review – Best PDF Editor for Windows

Creating your own PDF is one task and editing and existing is something different. Movavi PDF editor is one ultimate program that runs offline and meets all sort of requirement you need to get as PDF editor. The software is available for all sorts of devices. Nevertheless, we will stick to the Movavi for Windows context.

Movavi is not web-based program that would put your system or sensitive personal information at risk. It is an offline tool comes handy in a very lightweight (22.69 MB). Movavi PDF editing service does not offer free giveaway with only few basic features and more of glitches. Neither costs you skyline amount for its premium features.

Movavi is the perfect tool with perfect cost that ensures its worth. Some may prefer free tools for personal usage. But, if you are an avid editor, or responsible for valuable tasks; Movavi is the right choice.

Movavi Key Features:

Movavi is used for multitask related to PDFs. It is used for opening and viewing PDF files and images. It can be used for importing images as well. Documents in PDF formats can be edited for various purposes. The tool allows you to combine multiple files to create a whole new. On the other hand, you can pick up a specific content from the file and export it. Let’s elaborate the Movavi key features.

1: Open & View PDFs/Images – Whether the content is of official forms, scanned soft copies, articles, brochures, images; Movavi lets you view them on your Windows computer. You may open multiple PDFs separate tabs and work accordingly with single window. The image contents can be opened in JPG and PNG formats. You view the PDFs, you might have several options on Windows computer including browsers; but Movavi brings the best of it.

2: Editing Your Documents – If you need to create or edit an existing one, Movavi PDF editor will do everything with it. You may either add a new or delete pages or contents from existing PDFs as required. You may add images in PNG or JPG format as needed, rearrange the positions, and also resize the image contents. Movavi also lets you insert stamps and signatures if you are

filling forms in PDF format. If you require to send only a certain portion of file in terms of page, you can extract it from the whole add it to email.

3: Combine Multiple Files to One – Various file types like Ms Word, Excel, Photoshop, and AutoCAD can be saved in PDF format. These files then can be imported at one place and combined together to create a final PDF copy. One convenient feature allows you to combine and save multiple scanned copies in one PDF file. You can also replace a specific page if encounters scanning issue while keeping the rest at their places.

4: Export Certain Page or Pages and Save as A Whole New – When you need a single or certain page to save, it can be done in a second. You can extract your required page as image files and then remake them as a whole new PDF page.

In a nutshell, Movavi is a one-stop destination for PDF file editors who are looking for the right tool for Windows ecosystem. The tool is updated regularly introducing new features and fixing existing issues if any. On top of that, it does require a very less system configuration. Movavi supports various versions of Windows as such Vista, 7, 8, 10, and all updated one.


Movavi PDF Editor Complete Review

Name: Movavi PDF Editor

Description: Movavi PDF editor is one ultimate program that runs offline and meets all sort of requirement you need to get as PDF editor. The software is available for all sorts of devices

Price: Free - $14.95

Currency: $

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® Vista/7/8/10, Mac

Application Category: Document Editor


  • Convenient document viewer
  • Simple PDF writer
  • Combine Files
  • Image to PDF conversion
  • PDF page management and export


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