Top 7 Online Music Streaming Sites For Free

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We are all habit of watching videos and music online from some of the online music streaming sites. But in that case, there are many websites which are premium and you need to subscribe to their website with some amount to stream music. So other than wasting much money on subscribing the premium websites, you can simply switch to the best music streaming sites for free.


There are so many online music streaming sites like the movie watching sites which has the latest as well as classical music. You can also search for the popular songs and listen online for free. You don’t have to worry about the data, as the audio does not consume much of your data. So let us now get into the list of top online music streaming sites that will give you free access to listen to the unlimited music online.

Top 7 Online Music Streaming Sites for Free

1. Stream Squid:

Stream Squid is one of the best music streaming apps which will help you to listen to your favorite music. This website is provided with a user-friendly interface which makes you easy to control all the features. Besides, if you are confusing what to listen? Then the site has the editor’s picks features and chartbuster music of the years, from where you can listen to the best music of the year. Or you can also manually search for the music you wish to listen.

stream squid

2. iHeart:

iHeart is also one of the free online music streaming sites which will give you access to unlimited music online. This is not only the site for listening to the best music but also provide free radio station list that will allow you to the live radio through this site. Just click on the music you desire and start enjoying the music now.


3. Jango:

Jango is a free online music streaming site. You can have access to all the latest music and trailer here in this site. You can search for the music using the search tools, or check on the genre which you will help you find your desired music. This site also has the mobile apps which you can download for Android, iPad or iPhone. This website is more or less like the music paradise pro app, which is one of the best apps for music downloading.


4. Pandora:

Pandora music is another great music streaming site. You can search and find unlimited music & songs online and also you can listen to the radio station too. There is a list of music station which will help you enjoy free music live from the Radio channel. Besides, the site also provides you option for sharing the music on the social Medias. To use this site for listening online music or song is very easy, just enter the name of the song, artist or movies. And this will result in you to see the list of most relevant songs. Finally, click to play the song.


5. Hungama Music:

Do you like Bollywood movie song? Well, using this free site you can have access to all the Bollywood music songs. Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu, etc. all the Indian music and Movies songs are all available here. And also if you wish to listen to the latest and trending English songs then you will get everything here in this site. You can sign up with the official website to get access to other important features like creating a playlist, queues and also will allow you to download and later you can listen offline too.

hungama music

6. Gaana:

If you are looking for more Hindi and Bollywood movies songs, then you can enter into this site. You will have access to unlimited songs both latest and classics. This site is developed keeping in mind about the Indian listeners. You can add filters into the site for searching the song or manually search for the song which you wish to listen. And to play music, you just have to click on the song you like. The site has the inbuilt music layer that will play the audio online.


7. MusicIndiaonline:

Music India Online is another free site for listening to the music. This site has all the songs and music from the Indian cinema and pop albums. You can also stream for the other Indian regional languages like- Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and much more. And the site is also very easy to use. All you have to do is open the site and click on the music which you wish to listen. And also for unlocking more options like playlist & Favourite etc. you can sign up and create an account.

music india online

So these are the complete list of Best Online Music Streaming sites for PC. Using this site, you will have great access to unlimited music and songs. No more wasting large data on video streaming site for just listen to Music. Switch to the online streaming sites as shown above, and this will get you best music hub.

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