Must Have Software For Every Windows Computer

Must have software for every Windows computer. I hear this line from most of the windows computer users. Every Windows user must read this article. If you purchase a new Windows desktop or laptop, then it is vital to know about the basic or must have software which should be installed.

The software’s which I am going to list will help you get most out of your computer. It will help you to perform some daily essential task. Most of the software’s listed are free, so no need to worry. It is advised to uninstall any trial software before installing these programs.

List Of Must Have Software For Every Windows Computer

  1. 1 Avast Free Antivirus

    Yes, It is Avast. You heard it right. Avast is the most popular free antivirus. Most of the windows users are using this antivirus. The most promising thing is that it can even beat paid for antivirus in detection rate. It includes a Web shield, File system shield, network shield, mail shield, p2p shield, IM shield, behavior shied and more. 

    Many windows users are using it from a long time and are fully satisfied with it. Also it doesn’t bogs down the system memory. With its Cloud Intelligence service, you will not rely on traditional malware definition updates. Instead all update will happen in cloud.

    There is site blocking feature in it, by which you block any website. With access anywhere feature, you control any computer remotely. Browser cleanup is also a worthy feature of this AV.

  2. 2 Microsoft Office

    Microsoft Office is one the best piece of software from Microsoft. You can not find a windows computer without Microsoft Office. 

    This software helps in our daily tasks. Like if you want to edit any document or create a document file, We use Microsoft word. For creating a presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint is here. It is a must have software for every windows computer.

  3. 3 VLC Media Player

    I think you are already using the VLC Media Player. Surely every person owning a windows laptop or computer, loves to watch videos and movies. 

    No one can beat VLC media player in playing any media.  It can play any video file format you through at it. Also while watching it helps you there, by installing an add-on for browser.

  4. 4 Chrome/Firefox

    It seems internet usage is consuming day by day. All laptop or desktop users uses internet for many purposes. 

    For using web efficiently, we must install a Modern & Decent web browser in system. There is also a list of best web browser for windows. Also you can choose between Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

  5. 5 Adobe Reader

    Most of the files on internet comes in portable document format also called PDF. For opening and reading this file, we must need a separate software. 

    Adobe Reader is a standard software for opening and reading all PDF files. Adobe Reader is made by Adobe corporation.

  6. 6 CCleaner

    Without I can not even imagine to run windows PC faster. CCleaner helps you to clean all junk files out of the system and speed up the system. 

    It can perform many functions like clean the registry, system restore, drive wiper, controlling the start up item and more. All this function contributes in smooth functioning of system.

  7. 7 Flash Player

    Flash Player is also made by Adobe. For playing any YouTube or online video, your system must be Flash player installed. Without you will not be able to watch any online video. It also contributes in playing online videos. 

    Flash player come reloaded with Google Chrome. For other browsers, you have to  instead  it separately.

  8. 8 7-Zip

    For compressing any file or opening any compressed file, I always prefer 7-Zip instead of WinRar. 

    It is an open source file archiver. It includes both command line and graphical user interface.

  9. 9 Dropbox

    For storing any data in cloud, most will prefer Dropbox. No matter where are you, you always have data synced by Dropbox. You have to just put the data in Dropbox and it will be delivered to all device with your Dropbox account. 

    Dropbox secures your data with 256-bit AES encryption and two-step verification method. So no need to worry about security of the data.

  10. 10 Skype & U-torrent

    Skype is a standard service by which anyone can make video and voice call to any person through internet. Skype to Skype calls are always free. 

    For downloading torrent files no one can beat U-torrent because of its performance.


So above is the list of must have software for windows PC. If you have recently bought a new windows computer, than these are the software you must install in your system.

If you know about any other mist have software, You can tell that in comment section.


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