Tricks To Get Minecraft Premium Account Free

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If you are searching for Minecraft Premium Account Free then here we have hot the perfect solution for you!

Whether you are an old or a new gamer, you must have heard about Minecraft. Apart from all other games like action, adventure, racing or shooter games, Minecraft offers a completely different gameplay. Some may say, Minecraft is a low graphics game which is basically for kids, well you have to play Minecraft to know that the game is all about. Minecraft is complete survival, building, and adventure game that any gamer would continue playing once they get down to the initial gameplay.

Minecraft Premium Account Free

The Minecraft gameplay is quite a handful without proper reference and knowledge about the game, you can’t even survive a day out in the wilds of Minecraft world. So if you are thinking about playing the game, you can get a copy for PC/MAC for $26.95 which gives your access to premium features. But this isn’t the gameplay that you have to worry about, it is the gameplay that you have to keep in mind for the survival. Now to do that, you can either choose to play the game as it is or unlock various additional stuff by creating a Minecraft Premium Account Free.

A premium Minecraft offers a lot of features, especially the fully unlocked gameplay which you won’t get on a normal account. Let us talk about few of the facts that you would get for with  Premium Minecraft account and also how to get your own Minecraft Premium account for free.

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Features that You can enjoy with Minecraft Premium Account:

  • Free Updates of all the Minecraft updates and beta version.
  • Get full access to the game after logging into your Minecraft services using your Username and Password that you used for Purchase.
  • You can use your login username and password to transfer between accounts to Mojang.

And so with all these features in your hand, you can be sure to enjoy a great gameplay with Minecraft premium account. But sadly, many people don’t want to buy the game but want to enjoy using the premium features. This can be achieved only through 2 different processes, about which we are going to talk today.

How to get Minecraft Premium Account Free?

Here we will be talking about 2 simple ways to get access to Minecraft premium account. these 2 methods are the only way you can enjoy the Minecraft premium account features, so here are the 2 methods and how to make these methods work for you.

Method 1- How to get Access to Premium Features on Minecraft:


The most basic way to get access to the Minecraft premium features would be through downloading the crack version of the Minecraft. The crack version of Minecraft have been confirmed to have the full game version features but doesn’t offer you the security to signup. This in long term would prevent you from saving your progress or signing into any other Mojang. Also note that once your crack version has been caught by the online server, you will be banned forever from accessing the game.

premium Minecraft Account Free

The crack version is only good to play with if you are playing the game offline. as on online the server you will either be banned or be caught cheating by other players and your character will become a prey for other existing players.

NOTE: Downloading crack also comes with the risk of downloading a malware or virus, so be careful about where you are downloading the crack from.

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Method 2:  Get Free Minecraft Premium Account Free:


The next method requires you to visit the MC-Premium.Org website which offers a legal source of premium accounts which can be used to login into a Minecraft account with all features unlocked. click on the link below to visit the website.

Click Here to Visit MC-PREMIUM

Minecraft game

Now after you have visited the website, you will need to wait until you see the Get an Account! option. Now all you need to do is click on the “Get an Account!” and wait till you are redirected to another web page where you will get an access to a random premium account. You will have a random Username and Password to get access to the premium account, you can even change the password later if you want to use the account for a long time.

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NOTE: Once the game servers are updated, you won’t be able to use this account anymore.

So these are the 2 methods how to get a Minecraft Premium account Free. I don’t recommend you to get the premium account features with the above-mentioned method. This is just for informational purposes. And to enjoy all the features of a Premium Minecraft account, you have to download the Minecraft Premium version for a small amount.

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