How To Make An Older Android Smartphone Faster

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Android OS is the most used mobile OS in world with about 85 percent of market share. Most of us own an android smartphone. Slowness of Android smartphones is a major problem for many smartphone owners.

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If you purchase a smartphone with Android, it will be already faster because its new. But it tends to get slower day by day. Hence when the phone gets older it also becomes slower. But you can easily make an older android phone faster with some tips and tricks.

Ways To Make Android Run Faster

1. Update Software And Apps

There are thousands of apps available for Android. Whether it can be a game or any other app like Battery saver. Most of new android users install the required app and use it. They forget about updating to its latest version. The latest version any android app tend to run much efficiently than an older version because newer version get bugs fixed and new features arrives. So must update every android app installed on regular basis.

Also if newer version of the OS comes for update, you must update it immediately. Newer version of Android will run faster.

2. Install Only Required Apps

Many Android users install apps which even they don’t require. It results in more memory usage and more CPU process which results in slowness of phone. So it is advised to install only required app and at minimum.

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3. Check Internal Memory Of Phone

Low internal memory is a major reason of slowness of smartphone. So you should keep a check on internal memory usage. It is advised you to move your all data including apps, images, mp3, videos etc. to external memory card.

4. Use Clean Master

Clean Master is a must have application for every smartphone running android. If you are facing low memory problem, this app can give can solve your problem to some extent. It will help you to reclaim storage, boost memory, enhance speed, and secure your device against malicious apps and vulnerabilities.

Every android app create junk file which results in sluggish performance of phone. This app helps you to clean all junk file from phone.

5. Keep Home Screen Clutter Free

A cluttered home screen of smartphone will perform slower than clutter free home screen. You should always keep home screen of mobile clutter free. It means you should use minimum widgets and icons on home screen.

6. Root Your Android

Rooting your android smartphone is a great way to get most out of it. After rooting you can do several tasks which can easily enhance the performance of your phone. It include:

  • Overclocking of processor
  • Install custom ROM, which are made for better performance
  • You can also uninstall unwanted app which are installed by manufacturer. It results in more free memory
  • By rooting the phone, you install several advanced apps like Titanium Backup, root memory managers and more

7. Miscellaneous Tips

  • Factory reset the android device
  • Switch Off and On the phone, which will free up the unused memory acquired by some apps
  • Install a reputed Antivirus for android. Viruses in your device can significantly reduce its performance avast free mobile security can significantly increase the security of your phone


If your tired of the performance of your android smartphone and wants to purchase a new one then STOP here. The above mentioned tip can significantly boost performance any android smartphone.

So it is advised to follow above mentioned points and enjoy a faster android smartphone.


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5 thoughts on “How To Make An Older Android Smartphone Faster

  1. Another awesome post.
    I think the second point is most relevent (especially for entry level smartphones). I had never had this superb post and point with me when I purchased my first android a couple of years ago. So I installed so many apps without even considered its usage. Soon I realized my phone is turning to be a snail. Then only I uninstalled many unrequired apps to make my literally smart phone a real one. I had no idea about the back ground running, memory robbing processes at that time. But now I have.
    I have a different opinion about fourth point. I tried clean master then du speed booster. Former lacks something that the latter has. I am using du even now. May be it varies phone to phone.
    Sixth point is very true. We are free to do anything prohibited by the manufacturer after rooting (like built-in app uninstall).
    Optimizing apps require root access in some situations.
    Keep going bro.

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