How To Keep Your Smartphone Safe

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How To Keep Your Smartphone Safe? If you own a smartphone then you should read this article. The craze of holding a smartphone is increasing day by day. People are purchasing high-end smartphones which are very expensive. Do you properly take care of your smartphone? It is very essential to take some measures to ensure safety of your smartphone.


Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Safe

1. Put A Screen Protector On Screen

How To Keep Your Smartphone Safe

About all of the today’s smartphone are equipped with touch screens. These type of screen are prone to scratches. It is very essential to take care of screen of mobile phone. To prevent scratches on-screen of mobile, you should put a screen protector on it. In market there are some type of screen protector available which also repel oil. It means these screen protector protect screen when you touch your oily hands on it.

2. Use A Flip Cover


Flip Covers are made for total physical protection of smartphone. It gives protection on backside as well as front of smartphone. Many flip covers are water-resistant. You don’t need to purchase any back cover because most flip cover already includes a back cover. So it gives best physical protection to smartphone.

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3. Keep Your Smartphone Away From Dirt

It is recommended to keep your smartphone away from dirt. Cleanliness of phone affects its life. It is essential clean your phone. To clean the phone you can use dry tissue paper and the liquid made for clearing screen but not to use water.

4. Keep Smartphone Dry

It is very important to keep the phone dry. A slight moisture in inner part of phone can significantly damaged it or can  cause malfunctioning. Many people do not take care of their smartphone and just put that on dinning table when taking dinner. A single mistake can cause your phone to get spoiled in water.

5. Use An Antivirus App

It is recommended to install an antivirus app on your smartphone. These antivirus apps are specially made to protect the software of your smartphone. These AV’s protect smartphone from several types of malwares. Most of the AV’s include anti-theft features, which protect the smartphone from getting lost. If your phone got stolen or lost, you can easily locate and trace it with anti-theft feature.

6. Never Root Android Smartphone

Android smartphone can be rooted and we can get some new features. But if you wants to keep your android smartphone safe then you should nor root it. Rooting voids it warranty. There is a big chance of android smartphone get bricked while rooting.

7. Miscellaneous Tips

  • Always make sure that phone never overcharges. Prevent it from getting overcharged.
  • Don’t take your smartphone in the bathroom. If it get slipped from your hand, there are high chances that phone may get damaged
  • Keep the operating system of smartphone up to date
  • Secure your phone with password.
  • When not in use, keep your smartphone at a safe place like on table or cabinet. Don’t put it anywhere you want.
  • Keep phone away from children


So these are some tips on how to take proper care of your smartphone and how to keep your smartphone safe. Probably there is a high chance that  you already own a smartphone. It is very necessary to take proper care of smartphone because these days smartphone are so much expensive.

If you know any other tip to protect the cell phone, tell that in comments.

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3 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Smartphone Safe

  1. I agree with all your tips bro. But want to mention that installing an antivirus may cause our low-end smart phone to slow down. I felt my phone (with a low memory) very laggy after av install. It is good to install an optimizing app as most of them comes with a built-in av (not the best). Good tips explained in simple manner.
    Selecting the right smart phone also plays vital role in safety, doesn’t it? Best build phones are safe enough to prevent most physical problems. Gorilla glass is available for budget smartphones also.
    I also want to add that rooting is not always unsafe. We get enough control over the device after rooting. But beware of the warranty period. Root only after the warranty time lapse. Don’t take the risk if you are not aware of what it means.

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