How To Track/Find My Lost Android Phone ?

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Track/Find Your Lost Android Phone

Have you ever lost your phone ? If you did you will find it really heart breaking and confusing on what to do next, specially when you don’t have any tracking app installed. Personally I find lossing my phone to be really heartbreaking as everyone has alot of personal memories attached to their phone and also with alot of important documents or contacts saved in there. And also having a smartphone(Android Smart Phone) which we basically interlink with all our email accounts and many other personal stuff.


If you keep loosing your phone or if you lost your phone recently should go through this article on How To Track/Find My Lost Android Phone. Because today I am going to show you How To Track/Find your Lost Andoid Phone through a bunch of steps incase you don’t have an anti-thief or any other tracking app installed on it.

Step On How To Track/Find My Lost Android Phone :

Before you get hyper when you can’t find your phone or when you think you have lost it, think about this. Now you still have hope on finding your android device with few remote control and tracking your phone even if you haven’t installed a recovery app . 

So, lets take the step forward on making you aware on How To Track/Find My Lost Android Phone :

Step 1

Track your lost device with Google’s Android device manager


  • Note that the Android is logged in to account in Google.
  • Internet should be accessible on the device..
  • Allow Android Device Manager is Turned ON (Default).
  • Allow Android Device Manager (ADM) to Lock your device and Erase It’s Data.

ADM is an official Google easy to use tool which helps in tracking your android device. And the best part are that you don’t need to have it installed in your device, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that the device has to be connected to Google Account and you have your device connected to the Internet.


A recent update where google implemented that some of the ADM’s features into their search results. Which means that any device registered can be located right from google search results by simply typing in “where is my phone” on the search engine.

Signing up in ADM will not only allow you to track your phone but will also let you Ring and Wipe your phone’s data remotely.

Unfortunately sometime you won’t be able to track your device for several reasons like if the device is turned of if the device is not connected to the internet, don’t worry we have more then just one step to help you.

Step 2

The second most simple step is to use Google Maps Location History, AKA ‘Timeline’. The good thing about timeline is that even if you have no internet or the device is switched off, whenever the device is turned on it will send it’s last location detail.


  • The device should be connected to Google Account.
  • Access to internet.
  • Location report and Location History should be activated on the device.



As google completely  overtook the user interface of the Google Map and named it as Timeline, it focuses on helping you to keep a track of the places you visited and also share it remotely with your friends and family automatically.

Unlike the Android Device manager (ADM) the new interface doesn’t focus on tracking  your lost device but update the places the device is being carried with and after a certain period of time it automatically updates and shares it’s current location with everyone in the circle.

Step 3

If you own a Samsung device you will be able to easily track down your device using Samsung’s own tracking service  called ‘Find my mobile’. For this you simply need to sign in Samsung account and register your device as soon as you get your new device.


After you are done with the registration you can now head over and signup in the Find My Mobile Website  and then you will find all the details in the left sidebar where you will find the ‘Locate My Device’ and click on the locate button. It will also let you Ring With A Message and Wiping the Data.

Step 4

Using Dropbox To Find Your Stolen Device can be the last resort on How To Track/Find  My Lost Android Phone.But for this to work you need to install Dropbox and activate the “Camera Upload” feature.


Requirement :

  • Access to internet
  • “Camera Upload” is activated in to your Dropbox app.
  • Works when someone takes a picture with the device.

Being a last resort the Dropbox works as a storage device when someone takes a picture with the device and the drop box automatically achieves the photo taken by the thief or whoever found it and is uploaded into the Dropbox”Camera Upload” folder which you can access through logging in any PC or Laptop. Then you can use the details of the place around the picture taken or even if the thief or the one who found the device decides to take a selfie, you can easily track down the person.

That’s it, this is how you can easily  track or find your android phone. There can be more options if you install any app to track your device, if you want me to post a article on that, please leave a comment below. If you like this article share and comment below

. Stay safe Stay happy.

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