How To Take Whatsapp Data Backup In Blackberry

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Today we are going to learn how to backup your Whatsapp data on blackberry.As  you want to save your data sometime if you are going to change your device to a new blackberry handset and you don’t want to loose your old messages.

You may also want to save the chat data if you have anything important in your chat history and you want to keep it saved for extra security reasons.

And for some teenagers out there you may want to save some of your memorable messages that you have been having with your loved once.

So before we start with the tutorial, for all the new Whatsapp users lets talk alittle in detail about Whatsapp.

About Whatsapp


Basically Whatsapp is a cross multi platform messaging app, with this app you can enjoy messaging with your loved ones, your family and friends and stay connected with them 24/7.

You can even share images and videos and even audio files without any limit.

With a variety of platforms to choose from like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows phones & Nokia.


And the internet connection you need for using this app is same as any other data plan used for your emailing and internet browsing.

And the best feature of Whatsapp is the group messaging where you can create a group and can include upto 50, which means you can stay connected with 50 member at a time.

Which means can now include your clsoefriends group or your online gaming friends group and even your work group where you can instantly update everyone with any new information to everyone within seconds through texts, images, videos and audio messaging.

The best feature about the latest Whatsapp include like, Un-limted Free Phonecalls, yes that’s true FREE CALLS and all you need is a good internet connection.

Other features include like linking whatsapp with Google account and Hike.

So with all this amazing features you would want to save your chat history with your friends and group chats as memories (I Would).

Now lets get started with showing you how you can save the your favorite call history of Whatsapp on BlackBerry.

2 Simple Steps To Backup Whatsapp DAta On BlackBerry

The latest version of Whatsapp automatically saves your chat history after every specific time limit that you set.

Except that, you can even manually save your caht history by following this 2 steps :

  1. First simply open Whatsapp and go to Option>>Settings>>Chat History>>Backup Chat History
  2. Then Click on the Yes tab and that’s it.


You have successfully saved your Whatsapp chat history manually, as doing it manually you can save the chat history whenever you want.So this is the most convinient way to save your messages.

Hope you liked this small tutorial on backing up & saving your chat history of Whatsapp on BlackBerry.

If this tutorial was useful for you please share it with your friends and family members so they can also know how to save their messages and enjoy their memories even after a long time.

Thank You For Reading & Enjoy

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