How to Setup Guest Account on your Android Phone

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A lot has changed since the launch of android and now with the release of android lollipop, now it has even become possible to even share your phone under one single OS but with two different account.This will let you to create two different account a guest account for your friends and a main account for you.

The main purpose of creating two account is that now you don’t have to get any extra apps to hide your private files, all you have to do is login to your guest account when with friends.

Nowadays most of the smartphones with an android lollipop OS supports multi user mode like with Motorola Moto devices (like Moto X,X 2nd Gen,G,G2nd gen, E,E 2nd gen) LG G,G3, Sony Xperia z3, Nexus devices like(like Nexus 4,5&6) and much more.

But for all Samsung user, even with the latest Lollipop 5.0 it doesn’t support the multiple user or guest user.

Now you must be also thinking how actually “User” differs from “Account“.

Many users can get confused with this, this is what’s the actual scenario about.All the accounts that you sign in in your device after turning it on for the first time or afterwards for accessing few of the extra features is all under the same and only one user.

Now with the new update with lollipop you can access 2 or more users simultaneously.

(NOTE: Every users has it’s own accounts , so your accounts won’t be shared on the guest user)

Now another question arises that, What’s the difference between a Normal User and a Guest User ?

A guest account unlike a normal user is used to sharing your device temporally with your friends or yourself to access a fresh session or continue a session that has been used earlier.

Guest account user can access the Google account and any new stuff that is in  his own list and any other pre-installed apps.Also for your knowledge, a guest user can also have access to the security setting like screen lock and other security settings like any normal user but the settings can be easily erased when opening the a new session on the Guest account by setup guest account on your android phone.

And unlike a guest account, a normal user has access to everything with which can’t be erased and has a similar advantage as an administrator of the device.

So as you can see, the more we learn about it the more interesting it gets.Let me tell you today how you can setup guest account on your android phone.

Steps To Setup Guest Account on your Android Phone

For android lollipop users, the guest option is already built-in as default and is always available to use.

  • First You Need To Access The Quick Setting

Now in the setting panel you need to click on the current users avatar.(See the image below)

Now click on the more settings option if you want to enable guest user with phone calling system.

setup guest account on your android phone
setup guest account on your android phone


  • Enable Features In Guest

Now you need to go to Settings, you can also access the Setting by clicking on the Setting in the Users page.

Next you need to click on the gear icon ( as in the picture) and drag the Allow Phone Calls to Guest account, which will allow calls from the guest account, as by default it is set to not allowed.

Now the switch will change to Blue color as soon as it is enabled.



  • Switching User Mode 

Now tap on the Add guest icon in the quick setting panel.

And to make things more easier you can simply get into the Settings option then to User And then Guest option.

Now note that this may take a while, this depends on your phone configuration.And also if this is a new session it may take about a minute to switch to the other user.



  • Using The Guest Account

Now after you have switched to the Guest account you should be able to see the Home screen.

After that you will be able to access all the default pre-installed apps but without any data or any settings that you enabled or disabled in the Normal user account, not even if you changed the ringtone and ven the contact list are empty like a brand new phone.

So you should now know that this guest user is free to use right from the beginning like any other new new phone with only the pre installed apps.

Now the new user of the Guest account can setup their own Google signup account to access their own mails and playstore apps and much more.


And that’s it, this is how you setup guest account on your android phone.

Now that you have setup guest account on your android phone you should also know how to Switch Between Users.

To switch between users is very easy, you simply need to tap the avatar icon in the guest profile and click on the other default profile.

(NOTE:After switching from Guest user to the Normal User all the setting in the guest user will be automatically saved in the phone)

Now after you have setup guest account on your android phone, you may also Want to Remove the Guest Account too.This is how you can do it:

Now it is recommended that you delete the Guest account that you have been using on your

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