How to Scan And Remove Virus From Android Phone

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You may notice a number of Android apps infected with malware when downloaded from either Google’s Play Store or any other source.We should takecare of the Android malware, cyber criminals create malware and spread them through apps in the process to steal steal personal details and advertisers these apps as platform for posting up their ads as popup ads. Having a malware compromises the the mobile’s users security and  the ad popup bundle creates a treat for unknowingly facing a mobile privacy threat.


What can the Virus or the Malware do ?


As the malware is can steal  all the private information and files from the infected user. The worst thing that can happen can be that the maleware that can SMS to any number.As well the malware developers try their best to fool you on downloading their malware  software using any copy of look alike apps to make fool out of you to download the app.

Also you will notice that advertising companies make most of their revenue by more irritating ways of posting their ad on your devices screen which includes app that pops up ads when you are running the app and this apps are also configured to send back private information from your phone even without asking for your permission.


Most Common Functions Of Malware Apps:


  • Functioned to collect and to send your GPS coordinate , contact lists, e-mail adresess etc to the developers
  • Sending SMS to premium -rated numbers
  • Auto subscribing infected phone to premium numbers
  • Recording phone conversations and sending  them to attackers
  • Full takeover the infected device
  • Auto downloading other malware onto the infected device


Guide On How to Scan And Remove Virus From Android Phone ?

This is a simple guide, which will help you to get rid of any malicious app that is accidentally installed or is linked to any malware app. You just need to follow this simple rules to remove those apps.

Step 1 : Uninstall the malicious app

Step 2: Scan and protect the device from virus using Avast Free mobile Security

Step 1


Most of the malicious apps aren’t shown in the homescreen or in the app list but can be found in the app manager in settings :

  1. To uninstall those apps, so you need to go to the Settings menu, and click on Apps or Application Manager
  2. Now you will see a list of apps that is installed in the device including any malicious apps.
  3. make a note of the apps that you have installed and that are present from the default factory list, and compare that to the list in the App Manager.
  4. For eg. the most common malicois app is an app named BaDoink which will not be shown in the homescreen but will be shown in the app list in app manager.
  5. All you need to do is click on  clear data and then uninstall the app like any other app.
  6. A dialog should now appear for confirmation that the malicous appwill be removed. Click on OK to remove the app .
  7. Now reboot the device and the app should be cleared from your device.


Step 2

Now days cybbercriminals/hackers is going on to attack the android users as android users don’t use any Anti-virus or Anti-malicious app and eventually get caught in the cyber attackers hands. So for the final step you will need to install Avast free Mobile Security as it provides a real time protection against malware attacks.




  1. Download and install Avast Free mobile Security from the link below : AVAST FREE MOBILE SECURITY.
  2. After you launch the app Avast Free Mobile Security will automatically update its virus definition database
  3. Now you can start scanning your android device for malware and malicious apps.
  4. This scan may take a while so please have patience as it depends on the number of files available in your device.
  5. Avast will  scan and filter out all the virus and malicious apps and files and offer you with the actions to be taken to eliminate the threats and in some cases vast will automatically uninstall and remove the files.
  6. Now your device should be free of virus and most importantly Avast Free mobile Security will protect the device from future attacks and infections.


Extra Tips To keep Your Device free From Malware :

  1. Always try to read the review before downloading the apps as the app users will leave a comment below about the app and also warn other users if there is anything fishy with the app.
  2. Try a little self research about the publisher of the app like What does the app offer and does any of them look a bit suspicious.
  3. Always check app permission whenever you download or update any app.
  4. Always try to get app from GooglePlayStore and also those which are higly rated and with good reviews.
  5. Always keep a antivirus under a good publisher (Avast most commonly) as the words says “Prevention Is Better Then Cure”.


So this are basically how you can protect your android device from running onto any malicious app or any virus that will hamper your files and create risk for your private data.This article will help you with preventing this situations.Please leave a comment below if you have any enquiry and keep sharing it with your friends and family to help them against getting attacked my Cyber Attackers.

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