How To Reduce Weight Fast Like A Walk In The Park

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If you are over weight, than your main daily question would be How To Reduce Weight Fast? A fatty person is always looks lack of confidence. It feel very irritated when people say you are fatty. Everyone wants to remain healthy. But many of us don’t get success in this task. Are you one of them. If you are reading this article, its probable you are.

how to reduce weight
how to reduce weight


Overweight is a problem of adults to many child. Obesity is young child increasing day by day. So parents need to take care of their child’s eating habit. Whether you go to office or party, In every situation, you wants to look fit. Many people try different clothes to look slim. Its a cheap way. You can not avoid the reality, by wearing different clothes to look fit. Reducing the food intake will never going to help you in reducing weight. To get back in shape, you need a healthy diet plan. There are many advertisement comes on TV & Newspaper, specially for reducing weight. These ads show pills and weight loss supplement for weight reduction. These all are fake. Some people do exercise for weight reduction. But at next time they eat very unhealthy food. They think that they are doing exercise so they can take these type of unhealthy foods.

Along with this, before starting a weight loss program, you should test realistic weight loss goals. Remember a well balanced and low calorie diet is a vital component for any weight loss program. Remember this, weight loss task is a long term commitment. Its not a matter of short time.

how to reduce weight


If any one is suffer from obesity, He/She will face many problems. It include lack of confidence, Unfit clothes, many disease and many more. I am not just providing consequences of obesity, not frighting you. This article is all about how t reduce weight naturally. No artificially techniques are here. So lets get started.

How To Reduce Weight Fast:  Tips & Techniques

  • Determination: Reduce Weight In 10 Days

If you are determined to do any work ( Positive work), then no one can stop you to achieve your goal. That is true, if you are fully determined than take action, success will surely be yours.  Before starting any health program, whether its weight loss, you should be fully determined. There will come many situation, when it will seem tough to reduce weight or weight is not reducing. At that situation, you determination will give you he power to go ahead. It will take some time to see the good results. So get determined to face the every situation in your weight loss program.

  • Eat Healthy Foods

To have balanced body weight or reduce weight, you should always eat healthy foods and remain healthy. For a fatty person, healthy food should include non oily foods, take skimmed milk, avoid fried & junk food. Eat more salad, so that you fill less hungry. Fruits like Apple and Olive should be part of daily eating. Avoid to eat banana. Try to avoid sugar rich food.

  • Increase Water Intake

Water is an essential component of your weight loss diet. Try to increase water intake slowly. It cleanse the toxins out of the body in the form of urine. For a healthy person, water in take should be 4-5 liters per day.

Water intake of everybody is different. For calculating water requirement of body, we should divide our body weight by 20. If you weight 60 KG, dividing it by 20 gives 3. It means 3 liter. A person with 60 KG of weight should drink at least  3 liter of water.

  • Reduce Carbohydrates Intake

In obesity, you should carbohydrates as much as possible. Like rice is rich source of carbohydrates. If you eat rice daily, then cut its consumption from your diet totally. It can help reducing the wight up to great extent.

  • Increase Fiber Consumption In Diet

Fiber intake can also helps in controlling the weight of the body. Specially soluble fiber which helps very much. It also reduce bad cholesterol thus reduce weight.

  • Proteins

Protein build muscles in our body and also helps in reduce fat in our body. It also coverts loose fat into muscles thus reduction in weight. So you should take more protein rich foods in your daily meal.

  • Avoid Junk Food

Junk food like noodles, pizza, burger and many are the major cause of obesity. Today’s young children loves to eat these junk foods. Junk foods gives no nutritive value rather they adds weight to our body by providing fat. Junk foods are one of the major and common cause of weight gain.

  • Lemon Juice & Honey With Hot Water

Its one the most common and effective trick to reduce body weight. Just mix a spoon of lemon juice with half spoon of honey in lukewarm water and drink it. It will be very much helpful for controlling weight.

  • Avoid Constipation

Problem of constipation will conflicts in reducing weight of the body. Because constipation stops the body from through out toxin. You must always avoid to get constipation problem.

  • Less Calories

Avoid calorie rich foods as much as possible. Taking less calories in meal is the key to weight reduction. Try to avoid sweet, fried and food rich in fat content.

  • Drink Water Before Taking Meal

It is also a great trick to eat less by drinking water before eating. By taking water before lunch or dinner, your capacity to eat food will automatically decrease and you eat less food. It reduces weight automatically.

  • 3 Meals A Day

We should take 3 meals in a day. Its only 3 meals no more, no less. We should only take heavy meal only in lunch, breakfast and dinner should be light. This is just a tip which will helps your weight reduction program.

  • Fruits Or Sprouts In Brunch

You can take fruits or sprouts in brunch time. Fruits are very healthy and have very less calories. Boiled sprouts are very energetic and a have less calories part. You can also take these foods in breakfast.

  • Never Avoid Breakfast

Its a misconception that avoiding or not taking breakfast will reduce tummy. Its totally wrong. Many people are following this trend. But you should avoid this. We must take breakfast which should be light. Taking breakfast maintains the metabolism of the body for whole day. So for reducing weight, you should take breakfast everyday.

  • Proper Exercise

Proper exercise is also very necessary for weight control. Remember this formula Healthy Diet + Proper Exercise = Fit Body. You need not to go gym for doing exercise. Instead you can do it in home. Exercises like sit-ups, skipping etc. Yoga is very beneficial in obesity condition. You can consult a yoga expert for this task. The expert will suggest some yoga specially for you.

  • Avoid Cold Drinks

Carbonized drinks are another cause of weight gain. Instead of carbonized drink, you should take lemon water and green tea. It is recommended to avoid these type of drinks as much as possible.

  • Take More Salad

In your everyday meal, more part of meal should salad. Salad stay longer in your stomach about 6hrs. It makes you feel much fuller. Also salads have very less calories part and very less fat, almost nil.

  • Some Miscellaneous Tips

  1. Keep the count of Body Mass Index
  2. Never avoid any meal. Because if you avoid a meal, your hunger will increase and next you will eat more food than your appetite.
  3. Avoid watching TV, while taking food. Because it is found that while watching TV, we consumes more food.
  4. Cook with minimum oil as much as possible.
  5. Go for a walk in morning and evening. Also do some cardiovascular exercise.
  6. Keep a note of all these what you are doing.

Conclusion:  Reduce Weight Fast At Home

Reducing weight is not a difficult task. This tips will also helps you to reduce weight naturally. Although it seems difficult to most. Remember every task is easy, if its picture in your mind is easy. So first believe in yourself that you can do it. Forget people says about you. Just follow the above tricks and you are on the way to have a fit body.

You are only one who can do this task of reducing weight. Remember Success will be yours, you have to JUST BELIEVE YOURSELF. So Just Do It.

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