How To Protect USB Pendrive With Password

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As desktop and laptop are becoming one of the crucial part of our daily professional and personal life.We use an USB for different purposes like for storing songs, movies, files and even encrypted data and huge data storage which can be really personal.And it would be really be a bad luck if we loose the pen drive as people may access the data if it is not locked.

So,today I am going to take you through few simple steps on How To Protect USB Pendrive With password :

Step 1

BitLock Encryption

Bit-lock Encryption is a simple and manual method available on your windows ( specially on Windows7 ) to protect your USB drive. Doing so will lock your Pendrive and and you will be prompt to go into the bit locker to get in the desired pendrive and to access the contents in the pendrive.

Steps On How To Encrypt USB Drive Using BitLocker

  1. Connect your USB to into a Computer or Laptop
  2. Now when the USB is detected you need to Right click on the USB drive to Encrypt.
  3. Now select and turn the Bitlock  “on“.Capture
  4. Now tick checkbox in “use a password to unlock the drive”.Capture2
  5. After you enter the password you will need to press next.
  6. The next windows that will pop up will be the one where you have to save  print the Recovery key if you forget your password.Capture3
  7. Now to start the encryption click on NextCapture4
  8. Now click on the close button after the encryption is complete .

Step 2

Wondershare USB Drive Encryption

  1. First you need to download  install Wondershare.
  2. Now double click on the icon and Run The Program
  3. Insert the USB drive that you want to encrypt
  4. Now select the drive from the program which you want to encrypt.
  5. Choose the amount you need to protect and you also can select the full drive of Volume that you want to encrypt.
  6. Press on the Install button
  7. Now you need to Enter the password for encrypting the drive
  8. After that click on OK and your USB is ready and encrypted

So these were the 2 two easy steps on how you can encrypt your USB Drive to protect your personal data and not owrry about exposing your data to anyone even if you loose it or even if any of your family or friend want to access it .Hope this article was helpful for you, if you liked this article please leave a comment below and also please share it with your friends tohelp them save their private data and files.

Thank you & Enjoy

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