How To Mirror Android Screen On PC

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Have you ever wanted to see your smartphone working on a larger screen, like your pc or tv ? Do you know this also possible now.

You can do it in a few steps if you have a rooted device and if you don’t have one then don’t worry.It will take only few simple steps to do it with non-rooted devices like phone, tablet’s, screen directly to your PC or TV.

Why would you want to mirror screen your android phone ?

As a developer you may be half way towards your coding and you want to check some coding in your mobile without looking now and then towards your phone, got friends around and you want to share your recent trekking photos on a large screen but you have them all in your phone, at school or college or office you may want to share your side works but the projector is already displaying your presentation. This are few of the reasons why you would want to mirror screen your screen from your phone.

  Now you must be thinking that for this to work you must have to buy some kind of expensive gadgets and much more things.

Well here is a list of what you will need :

  1. Vysor is a simple Chrome app that allows you to easily install & connect to your desktop and also compatible with alot of operating system.
  2. Download Google Chrome app and as Chrome can be used on many platforms, this will make you work much easier.
  3. You will need a USB cable to connect your devices.
  4. USB debugging is enabled on your smartphone.


After you have USB debugging enabled, now the next steps are really simple.

  1. Now you need to launch Vysor using Chrome App Launcher.
  2. You simply have to click on Find Devices and select your phone when it pops up.
  3. Now Vysor is going to launch and just like that you will be able to see your phone’s screen on your PC.


NOTE : You can set up to pop up and connect to your smartphone so whenever you connect your phone, it is automatically shown on your PC.

  Now you can simply navigate your device with the mouse and type with the keyboard as it works within the app. So you can simply open any app and  type using the keyboard.Here you can use your keyboard easily as many apps that doesn’t have web clients.

Now, this is not the only way on how you can connect your and share your screen share.Screen mirror can also be shared wirelessly.Let me show you how to do that.

For this you are going to need only 2 softwares:

  1. AllCast Receiver for Chrome.
  2. Mirror for Android.

Now just follow this simple steps to connect your smartphone screen wirelessly to your desktop :

  • Install and launch AllCast Receiver using Chrome App Launcher.
  • Now also launch the Mirror app on your Android device.
  • This is where the trick is, now in Mirror you need to choose the Network Device that matches your Desktop device.For example: it will start something like “[email protected]” with an IP address.

So, now you have connected your smartphone with your desktop wirelessly.


These were the two most simplest way on how you can easily mirror screen your smartphone with your desktop, hope you liked this small tutorial, and if you did please share and leave a comment below about your experience using it.

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