How to lock Google Chrome to Protect your browsing data

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Now a day’s Google Chrome is the most popular web browser from Google since its introduction in 2008. It became popular in a short span of time. Now every internet user knows about this browser and most of them use it as a default browser.

As of November 2015, Google Chrome has a 58% worldwide usage share of web browsers as a desktop browser. It has some really cool features and Google is improving its features with every update.

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As Google Chrome is now becoming a part of our day to day life, so there may be something that you don’t want to share with others. Google Chrome keeps the every record of our internet uses like the web pages we visited, the things we searched on the internet or even if we saved any password of any website. So it is very important to protect our browser in order to protect our data and privacy.

To lock Google Chrome, probably the best browser extension is ‘ Simple Startup Password’. What this extension is simple. Just like how you a password to unlock your phone, this extension will allow you to set a unique password to unlock the Browser itself. Thus your Browser will be safe.

The below are the steps to lock your Chrome browser with password.

A step by step Guide to Lock Your Google Chrome:

Follow the below steps to configure “Simple Startup Password”.

  • Step 1. First of all, you need to add the Simple Startup Password extension. To get it Click Here.
  • Step 2. Once it’s added to your Chrome Browser, open it.
  • Step 3. Now go totools and then the Extension on your Chrome browser.
  • Step 4. Find your new extension in the list of extensions and select Options.
  • Step 5. A new page will appear, here you have to enter a new Password of your choice.

That’s all you have to do. You now have a safe and secure Chrome Browser. Whenever you will open your Chrome browserit will ask you the password.

Hope this article will help you to Lock Your Google Chrome browser so that you can protect all your browsing data.

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