How To Improve iPhone Battery Life

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Hello and welcome to Tech Vitality. As you may know iPhone has become one of the most expensive and fancy device among all the high tech smartphones available out there but as the word says “Nothing is perfect”. So also with iPhones we have to face a little problem as well.Today I am going to discuss about a basic problem that every iOs users have to face with their iPhones.

After updating to iOs 9 all I can hear from users is, iOs 9 has made the battery life so much worse and it is laggy and slow. So these steps are going to help solve both the issues you are facing on your iOs 9.But the main thing I am going to focus on today is How To Improve iPhone Battery Life.


Steps To Improve iPhone battery Life

  • Low Power Mode

iOs 9 by itself introduces the Low Power Mode which is present in the system as a feature which improves your battery life by 1hour. All you need to do is to enable the Low Power Mode by going to the battery setting and enable it, doing so will extend your battery life upto 4hours and you will know it’s on when you see a little yellow battery icon on the top in yellow.

what actually happens when you enable it is your iOs 9 device limits the CPU usage by upto 40% so you may notice a drop in performance and also things may get alittle laggy but it is worth a sacrifice when you are in need of that extra battery life when you need it.

  • Background App Refresh

Background app refresh is where your apps keeps refreshing and use your processor power and that drains alot of your battery. So what you can do is go ahead and disable whatever you don’t need (I prefer keeping all turned off, so when i need it i can go ahead and refresh it manually) Which in turn will increase alot of your device battery life.

  • Game Center

The next thing you can do is Go to Notifications and then turnoff what you don’t need. Like you can go to Game Center and disable it as it is rarely used(For me I never used it).Also disable other stuff like Tips which will only drain your battery by giving you notifications you don’t need. When you are done with turning off whatever you don’t need, you will notice an increase in battery and performance.

  • Display & Wire-Less
  1. First of all I want you guys to disable Auto Brightness and keep it on a moderate brightness.
  2. Next is to go to your control center and turnoff Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you don’t need it but use Wi-Fi when you are at home as wi-fi consumes less battery juice then Cellular Data networks.
  3. Now go to Hand off and suggested app and turn off (if you don’t own a MAC and if you are not synced to any MAC)
  4. Also disable suggested apps that is basically on your lock screen like starbucks and bankamerica which popup now and then when you are near to one.
  • App and iTune Stores

Here disable Automatic updates and if suggested apps is enabled here i suggest you to disable it too, so doing so you can save alot of battery life as well as performance and also Data.

  • Setting And Privacy

Go to the settings and privacy, here you can change alot of settings as you prefer:

  1. Motion and fitness : So now if you don’t use this feature please turn it off as your device is constantly trying to track your fitness status with motion sensor.
  2. Limit Ad tracking : Turn it off as the type of advertisement the iOs offers on your default Safari browser not only that helps you with saving battery but also saves data.
  3. Location Services : Turn off location services  when you don’t need it and filter away what you don’t need like calendar, maps, wallet or any other.
  4. System Service : Here also you can disable more options like compass, frequent locations etc.Well this are some of the features that constantly works in the background which also helps in Siri productivity, so you may notice alittle ineffective.
  • i-cloud : turn off all the i-cloud key chains that you don’t need if you are not connected to cloud.
  • Disable Push Service : Turn off push services to save data as well as battery. Note that doing that you have to refresh your mails manually to see your new mails.

So these were few of the steps which you can follow to lower your battery consumption on your iOs device and also lower that data usage and doing all this will boost your performance alot more. Hope you liked this article, if you did please share and leave a comment below.Thank you and Enjoy.

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