How to hack Pokemon Go using Android-All Android Version

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Hacking the Pokemon Go game using Android phones and devices is very possible, but it will you require you to follow each and every step involved in hacking. In our discussion, we are going to discuss the steps involved in hacking the game and various precautions available for users with hacked Pokemon Go game.

Steps on how to hack Pokemon Go using Android phone
The following are the different stages you should follow for you to hack Pokemon Go using your Android phone or devices;
1. At first, download and install the Pokemon Go game on your Android phone. Remember even if you are hacking the game, you need to be having an installed Pokemon Go official version.
2. Download and install an application known as the Fly GPS. This application enables you to fake your Joystick as well as your location such that you can move around while at the same place.
3. Once you have the two key applications mentioned above installed on the Android phone or device, go to the phone settings. Click the option “About phone” then quickly tap the option “Kernel Version” continuously until when you view a confirmation indicating that you are a developer now.
4. After step three, go back. Open the Developer Options which are found inside the settings of the application. Tap or click the “Mock Location” option which will show you FlyGPS in the subsequent or next window. Go ahead and choose FlyGPS.
5. Go into the location settings and ensure that the location is set to a high accuracy. Note that if you set to GPS only, it will not work simply because the FlyGPS application requires a high-frequency location setting. This app is critical in hacking the Pokemon Go location. You should also turn on the location history.
6. Launch the FlyGPS application specifically from the application drawer where you will also find a map. Tap the map location after locating where you want to hack the game.
7. Click the “please select the menu” option and choose Joy-stick location mode and GPS-Service run.
8. You will see a message saying that the actual spoofing is successful. Go ahead and launch the game on your Android phone. After launching the Pokemon Go, you will find yourself in the particular location you earlier selected in the so-called FlyGPS map. You will also come across Joystick which will help you to walk around using fake location.

Safety precautions after hacking Pokemon Go
To avoid ban and to keep Pokemon Go working after hacking, you need to follow some safety tactics. First of all, you should not hack the Pokemon Go location in such a way that it becomes visible that you are hacking the game. In other words, in case you are hacking the location but moving from place/town to place within a short time, then anyone will obviously tell that you are hacking the game. You just have to go around or stick in the location of your choice. Keep the location as realistic as possible.
If the Pokemon Go location is hacked, never close the game. Use the Joystick discussed above to walk back to the home where you will then close the game.

Final word
In conclusion, after hacking the Pokemon Go game, it’s good to stay safe to avoid being banned. You can only stay safe and maintain the working of your game by adhering to the safety measures discussed above. Do not desire to enjoy all the privileges the buyers of the Pokemon Go app are experiencing such as shifting from one location to another within minutes.

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