How To Get Rid Of Your Facebook Addiction: The Easy Guide

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So you are Facebook addicted and want to get rid of your Facebook addiction. This article will help you in this regard. Internet has now become an essential part of our life. Most of us use internet to get connected to friends through social media.

How To Get Rid Of Your Facebook Addiction

These days most of us start our day with Facebook and end the day with Facebook. If you are one of them then Facebook addiction have caught you. Due to excess use of Facebook, person avoids to give time to his family and friends. Facebook addiction has also a big negative impact on productivity of person. He/She give preference to Facebook rather than his important work.

But how you will know that you are Facebook addicted? There are some signs of Facebook addiction which are listed below:

  • You start & end the day with Facebook
  • You are enjoying Facebook world much more than Real world
  • Facebook first, Important work latter: you are following this
  • You are spending many hours on Facebook

These are only few signs of Facebook addiction but it can be more. But if you are Facebook addicted, how you will cure this. There are some easy steps by following them you can defeat Facebook addiction.

How To Get Rid Of Your Facebook Addiction

1. Identify Your Problem

Yes Awareness is light. First of all, you must be aware about your problem of addiction to Facebook. Without you can not go further. If are fully aware about it, you can take appropriate step to cure it. So now you will  realize that you have an internet addiction

2. Analyze Time Spent On Computer

This step is very important step in curing the addiction to Facebook. Analyze how much time you spent on various activities on computer. Like when you are browsing internet Email, Facebook, Favorite blog and other tabs are open. Analyze how much time you are spending on productive activities on Internet and Facebook. You can easily record it in a separate book or an excel sheet. The time spent on internet(Facebook) must reduce by time. Try to be productive when browsing the web rather than just checking the wall of others.

3. Make A schedule

It is highly recommended to make a schedule for your Internet activities rather than riding the web whole day. Excess of anything is bad whether its Facebook or anything. Facebook is good, if you are using it in right way and for limited amount of time. Try to check Facebook 3 times a day( Morning, Afternoon and Night) not more than 10 minutes.

4. Shutdown Your Computer

You should be aware of that the time you are spending on web is the right amount of time you need to spent. Do you really need to spent that much amount of time on computer.There are some people when don’t have work, they just crawl the web like a Google Robot and waste their time whole day. When you don’t have any work on internet just Shutdown the computer. Instead you can go for a walk, meet friends, have party and hit the gym. There are much more to do in life rather just wandering around Facebook.

5. Remember The Time When There Was No Facebook

You need to remember the time when there was no Facebook. Most people loves to play outdoor games and partying with friends. Imagine the situation if there is no Facebook what you will do then. Some have got a bigger waistline after Facebook arrives. Even there are some people who have forgotten their real friend only for the sake of Internet.

6. Go And Get Busy

If you are already a busy person then probably you will be a Facebook addict. Because you are busy your own work. Facebook addiction arrives when person have got spare amount of time whole day. Try to utilize that time to some productive works like:

  • Do a part-time Job and save money
  • Have a healthier body
  • Read a book
  • Volunteer work
  • Learn music

7. Miscellaneous Tips

  • Block the site (Facebook)
  • Try to leave to Facebook for a whole day
  • Turn off email notification for Facebook
  • Uninstall Facebook for mobile from your iPhone and Android
  • Keep friend list at minimum

Conclusion: Are You A Facebook Addict

The addiction to Facebook is a major problem for most of the people using internet. It is very essential to defeat Facebook addiction otherwise it will significantly reduce your productivity also can cause depression. Above tips can help you to cure your Facebook addiction. If you have any other way, you can through that in comment section.

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