How To Control Anger: The Definite Guide

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How To Control Anger? This question has become a common question now a days. Many people are prone to getting angry. They even don’t know anger is always bad for their mental and physical health.

How To Control Anger


Uncontrolled anger always cause damage in every situation. It takes-off our ability to take better decision for a particular moment and we lose control on ourself. Some people get angry in every small issue. On other hand they wants to control their anger. But they don’t know the right way to control anger.

If you are also facing this situation, then its time to control your anger before anger controls you. Here are some best ways to mange and control anger. Let’s proceed with it.

How To Control Anger: Anger Management Tips

1. Accept It

The first step to manage anger is to admit that you have a problem of getting angry uncontrollable. This will help you in taking further steps. Imagine a situation when a person is suffered from a disease and refuse to accept it then it is not possible to cure him.

2. Try To Remain Silent

Remaining silent is a great way to tackle anger on the moment. When someone is arguing with you and you realize that you are getting angry then try to remain silent for that moment. If you also argue with other person, anger will caught you with more power and you will get more angry. So it is advised to remain silent for that particular time.

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3. Take A Deep Breath

When you get angry, you can take a deep breath to getting calm. When you inhale, count to three and when exhale also count to three. Repeat this. Try not to think about the things which is a angering you.

4. Exercise

Stress is one of the major cause of anger. There is a better way to reduce stress, its through exercise. Exercise is one of the best way to reduce stress. Exercise can include going for a walk, cycling, swimming, play some outdoor games and all that physical,activities which takes sweat out of your body.

5. Go To A Place Which Makes You Happy

If you experience that overwhelming you then go to a place which make you feel happy. You can go to your childhood place, A clam place with greenery etc. There can be many place which can make you feel happier. One can not express that feeling of happiness when he/she go to their childhood place.

6. Yoga And Meditation

There are various types of yogasana which can help you to mange anger easily. For this you can consult to a yoga instructor. On other side, Meditation is the only best medicine of curing any type of anger. If you do Meditation properly, you will surely notice that stress will reduce  from your body. It results in control on anger. It is highly recommended to do mediation regularly for better stress management.

7. Remain Alone For 1 Hour

Controlling anger is all about stress management. It is advised you to remain alone for 1 hour away from all type of technological things like TV, smartphone or any other. Doing this helps you get focused on important things. If you focus on one thing, distractions will soon reduce resulting in lower stress.

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8. Speak & Belief Positively

Try to exercise positive speaking in your life. Positive speaking helps us to take positive action which reduce tension. One important thing Belief about any thing have deep impact in our life. Our mind always can not understand words. It only thinks in the form of pictures. Try to make that picture about anything positive and see the change. It reduce tension.

9. Avoid Criticizing & Complaining

Most of us complain about many things in life. If one unable to a particular work, he/she blame others and complain about anything. You know criticizing and complaining have deep negative impact on our life. It can increase the stress and tension level to hyper. You should not criticize and complain at any moment.

10. Miscellaneous Tips

  • Don’t hold any grudge which can make feel angry. Forgive those who makes you anger
  • Expressive your emotions to a person whom you trust
  • Avoid those people who brings you down
  • Do the work that matters
  • Chew something when you get anger so that you will not speak


So these are some of the best tips for controlling anger easily. Controlling anger is very necessary to avoid many health problem and complications at work. Although anger is a normal emotion. But if it is uncontrolled then cause major problems.

If you have any tip to tackle anger, through that in comment section.

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