How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

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There are many people who wanted to know about How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Many people take the membership for Planet Fitness and following a couple of months they understand it wasn’t for them leading them to quit. In spite of the fact that canceling a gym’s membership is bad news, numerous individuals have a feeling of enrolling in some game and take part in some kind of physical activities. For those who aren’t certain on canceling the membership of the planet fitness, there are a few things that you have to consider.


1. Find the Contract

Despite the fact of enrolling with a signup with no fee for signing up, you still signed the agreement that explains how to cancel this membership plus the circumstances you might be permitted to waive off the cancellation expenses.

2. Reading the Contract

The agreement states the terms & conditions that ought to know about. Find out whether you have the monthly or yearly contract, whether you made your payment monthly or yearly; it’s likely that you may have signed a 1-year contract. Find out when the contract will be up. It’s going to be less demanding waiting for one month or two till when the contract will be up.

3. Be Keen on the Billing Cycle

For monthly contracts, one should cancel their membership prior to the 10th of that month, since you are normally charged before twentieth & the organization likewise requires some time of process your request. In yearly contracts, you have to cancel prior to the twenty-seventh of the month preceding when you are charged. You should think about a fitness contract like a renting contract, giving a 30-days notice and paying charges for early cancellations are common with gyms.

4. Getting the Fees of the Gym Waived

If at all you can give an evidence of being injured or in case you should move out of the Planet Fitness, then you may have these expenses waived. In case you are injured, get a note from the doctor affirming that you won’t have the capacity to utilize the gym facilities. If you are migrating to another place, it must not be less than 40 kilometers far from any location of any Planet Fitness. You should request your manager to write a migration letter and guarantee to outline the distance before specifying where you will move.


In case the above-expressed circumstances don’t apply to you, then you will be requested that you pay the cancellation expense. However, in case you have a strong explanation behind canceling your membership, then you can avoid paying the expense. Be certain to have written an articulation of your circumstance as no one just takes one’s pledge nowadays.

Here are some vital things you have to do to cancel this membership

  • You may call the department asking for a meeting of canceling your membership.
  • Try getting together with a Planet Fitness representative. Let them know that you require to cancel this membership and give them a documentation. When the cancellation is finished, have a duplicate of that letter with the representative’s sign. It will be helpful in future, in case they get back requesting that you pay the expense.
  • Make plans of canceling the future monthly installments. Clear any kind of cancellation charges in order to ensure your membership is completely canceled.
  • Note down the representative’s name and number; this is critical if you get in trouble when canceling, for example, if charged a tremendous sum unexpectedly, you can connect with the representative so that he can help you.
  • Check your own bank statement to guarantee that you aren’t being charged this membership expense on a monthly even after you have canceled the membership. In case you realize you are charged,you should contact planet fitness quickly and fix the issue at the earliest opportunity.
  • If the gym still requests that you pay the expense, give them the written report of cancellation to demonstrate that you really canceled the membership.These are the couple of things which you can do to cancel this membership. It’s significant to read some terms & conditions when agreeing to a similar thing in future since you may be charged robust sums in case you neglect to live up these terms & conditions.
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