How To Bypass Windows 7 And 10 Password

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Setting up password on your Windows is easy, but what if you need to bypass it. Setting up password to protect your PC or laptop from unauthorized use or for to protect your official or private data from being accessed from your pc. So we end up changing password now and then to keep the system more tougher for people from accessing your data or even from log into your PC/Laptop when you are not around or incase it gets stolen. This can especially useful if you are living with your friends or little brother or sister who seems to roam around your official document and your devices.

But the problem arises when we forget our password, this can even happen sometime when you reach for your Pc or Laptop after a long time and when you try to login to your PC/Laptop you find that you have enter a wrong password and the worst case scenario is that you enter a bunch of near passwords that that you think you may have set but all of the seems to be incorrect.

Now let’s start with the process and you will need only 2 thing that will be required for the whole purpose i.e an USB drive and Kon boot software.

Steps To Bypass Windows password

  • First you need to download the file (It’s completely free, No survey, No Payment or Limited use). Download it from this link : KON-BOOT
  • Now that you have downloaded the file, you need to extract the file.
  • Make sure your USB drive is completely empty or just format the USB drive before you copy the extracted file into the USB drive.
  •  Simply transfer the extracted file to the USB drive and you are ready to go.
  • Now plug in the USB to your device that is locked.
  • Now all you need to Restart your device and Go To  Boot menu ( Which iyou can access by pressing F2 in most bios setting)
  • Now you need to bring up your USB drive to the top and for that you simply need to press F6.
  • Now you will need to manually change the setting that will show up the USB for the software detection.
  • Now save the setting and reboot the system.
  • As soon as the system reboots, you will see the system pop ups a new widows.


  • Now you need to either press B or Enter to enable the settings.
  • Now the software will be shown to you and then the windows will start up as usual.
  • it may take a while to reboot through the windows so please have patience.
  • Now you will see the windows where you need to put in the password (This is where you can disconnect the USB if you want) but all you need to do is hit enter without typing any password.
  • This may take a while again.
  • And that’s it you will be directly taken to the Desktop without any password.

Congrats, you have just accessed your locked Pc/Laptop whenever you forget your password & now you can set a new password and never worry again about forgetting your password.

( NOTE: This Article is a educational use only & to be implemented for helping other and never to be used for illegal accessing purposes. Please don’t try to login to any unauthorized device if you have the permission of the owner. And I won’t bear any  responsibility in-case of illegal use, use it for safety purposes.Thank you.)

So this is how you access your locked windows the simplest way, hope you liked this simple steps. if you did then please and comment below & also leave a comment below if you are facing any problem. have a good day. Thank you for reading.

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