How to Hide Apps on Android Devices! Easy and Simple Steps!!

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Did you ever think to Hide Apps on Android Smartphones? Well, without any doubt yes, right. There are millions of reason why all of us wants to hide certain apps either from our nosy friends or family member. Sometimes, you might find it difficult to hand over your phone to someone to use until you realize that you might have some files and documents which are sensitive enough not to share with anyone. So, for this, you might need for an app which will help you to hide those apps, files from your nosy friends or family members.

hide apps on android devices

So, if you are looking for a way to hide all your files and apps on your Android device; then we are here to solve your problems. It is very easy to hide all your important files on Android devices, but the question is how? No worries about it, whatever the reason might be you will find lots of apps which are available on the internet. So, we are going to discuss on how you hide apps on Android easily. Let’s keep reading it.

How to Hide Apps on Android Device?

Wondering how to hide apps on Android? As you might have seen that most of the Android devices don’t provide any facility to hide any apps or files, this means that you have to download the lock apps from the third party applications. What if we tell you that there are apps which are available on the Google play Store that is free of cost? So, let’s start with how you can easily hide files on your Android device.

lock all apps on android

There are many apps that can help you hide all your files and apps easily, but we recommend you to use File Hide Expert app. File Hide Expert is a free app, which is available on Google Play Store it allows you to hide and restore all the hidden apps easily on your phone. If you wish to download this app, then you need to get it from Google Play Store. Now, get going with the steps on how to use this app on your Android device.

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Steps On How To Use File Hide Expert:

  • First, download and install the application on your Android device.
  • Now, once you have installed the app you will get a notification saying the hidden file is empty, here is a screenshot below.
  • Tap on the top right of your screen and start to hide all your important files on your Android device.
  • Click on any files that you want to hide them from your nosy friends and family and then go back to the main menu.
  • Now, you will find there is two option “Restore All” or “Hide All” on your phone Screen.
  • It is all up to you, either you can hide all your apps and never be visible to anyone or if you want to restore all the files then simply click on the Restore All.
  • You have hidden all your apps but this content is not safe enough. So, the smartest way to keep your files hidden and keep away from the people then use the File Hide Expert Password feature.
  • Now, go to the settings, enable the password and type your password. Never forget your password since it is very important if you don’t want to fall in trouble then always remember your password while accessing your hidden apps on your phone.

In case, if you are satisfied with this app then don’t worry about it. We have more options for you. Let’s move on then.

Hide Apps With Another App:

1. App Lock:

With the help of App Lock, you can easily protect your private files and lock certain apps which you don’t want anyone to get access. This app is the most downloaded and loved by over 200 million users across the world. It supports 24 languages which include English, French, German and much more. It consists of lots of features like it support well-designed themes, customized background, time lock and much more. The best thing about this app is that they offer you with a fingerprint lock system which is so cool. We recommend you to try out this app lock; if you want to hide all your apps on your Android device then this is the right tool for you.

hide android apps

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2. CM Lock:

You can also protect your app and files easily; in fact, you can even hide all your apps with the help of this CM Lock application. This app supports anti-theft protection as well, through which you can locate your phone easily. It comes with lots of features in it like lock screen that will protect your phone from anyone just by securing it through PIN or Password. Apart from that, you can customize themes, HD Wallpapers which are updated and much more. So, this app is also worth using it on your phone. If you wish to download this app, then you can just download it from Google Play Store or you can directly click here in the link to download the app.

android app hiding

Final Verdict:

In the content above, we have discussed on how you can easily hide apps on Android device. This way you can easily hide all your important files on your phone, without anyone poking their nose on your phone. So, these are the few but best apps that we have showcased for you that will keep all your files and pictures safe from intruders. However, keep in mind to use the save app lock that will not only secure your phone but also your files too. So, if you have some more options to hide apps on Android then do share with us.

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  1. As a teenager sometimes we feel angry whenever someone try to browse apps of our phone. At that time hiding apps become necessary. Thank you for sharing such a good night.

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