Hide Apps On Android Without Root

Android smartphones are always great when it comes to usability and its features. You can use apps for many purposes, like social media, music, videos, movies, shopping, even news and live weather forecast. And having so many apps, you would want to have some privacy to sue which only yourself should have the ability to view them. 

Especially talking about the Social media, many of the android phone users want to keep their account and profile safe. And to hide the apps, you can do it only when you root your device. This was old ways to hide any apps. Now there are so many other apps which will help you hide the apps from your device without rooting.

There are so many apps which will help you to hide apps on Android without root. And these apps are free to download too that will provide you a chamber to store and hide any apps you wish to hide. Unlike the app lock application, the apps that hide apps are different. The App lockers will display or show the app but use the Hide app. You won’t see the app completely.

So now let us get into the list of the best app to hide apps on Android without root. We will also discuss the procedure by which you can hide apps on android.

How to Hide Apps on Android without Root?

Manually using the Android device without rooting, won’t help you to hide the apps. But using the some of the apps can hide your apps on your phone. 

Well, the app that hides apps are free to download and are also available in Google play store, and they are also a working app for Android device.

Below are the Top Apps which help to hide Apps on android mobile without rooting.

  1. 1 Vault App

    Vault is the first on our list. this is a simple app which is only designed for hiding apps from your phone. 

    This app will not help you hide apps but also allow you to hide contact, documents or SMS. 

    They are very simple to use, and once hidden they can also be reopened but only through the vault. 

    There is a calculator-like theme vault which will change the vault logo as a calculator to ensure they could not be noticed.

  2. 2 Keepsafe Vault App

    Keepsafe is another great app that will hide your apps. To use this app, you don’t have to root your device. 

    The app once they are installed, you will get the option of hiding the app. not only the app but you can also hide files like photos, videos, documents and much more. 

    They are also provided with features that will also keep you hidden from the recent app list. 

    When you need some privacy, then you can use this app to hide something very valuable from your phone.

  3. 3 2 Hide Apps

    If you are looking for more options, here is the 2 Hide App. 

    This will help you hide the app, and they are also free to download. You can easily enter into the app and start hiding apps and also other files like Photo and videos. 

    This app also gives you options for file backs up where you can store anything on your phone and later on you can restore them back.

  4. 4 Go Launcher

    This is an android app launcher. They come with the 3D built home screen and have multiple designs for your phone. 

    One of the best things about this launcher app is that it is having the features to hide any apps from your phone. 

    To hide any app on your phone using this launcher is very simple, you can do with few simple clicks.

    First, download the app and install. Then go to the setting and make the Go launcher as default launcher. 

    Now hide any app by just press holding the app, this will give you an option in which you will find the list of option. 

    Finally, click on the hide app option to hide the app. The hidden apps can also be restored or seen again on the Hide App option.

  5. 5 Nova Launcher Prime

    This is a premium app which will help you to hide apps from your phone. Nova launcher is an App launcher which you can use as an android smart launcher. 

    They have cool themes, wallpapers, and also widgets which will make your smartphone look better. And there is also the App hide or App lock options which can help you hide any apps from your phone. 

    As they are a premium app, you have to buy the app to download and use it.


So here is the list of an app by which you can hide the app on android without root. Using all the above-shown apps will give you quick option for hiding the app. 

Unlike the rooted device there you have to follow certain steps to hide apps. No matter how many files you wish to hide, all of them can be easily stored in the above following shown apps.


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