How To Get 100GB Of Free Cloud Storage Easily

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Cloud Storage are now becoming common means of storing the data. Our data in computer is vulnerable to  various attacks. Data can be lost due to malicious attacks and some various unforeseen circumstances. So we have to secure our data at a safe place. Cloud storage is the best method to secure the data in cloud.

Free cloud storage


For securing more data, you need more amount of Cloud Storage. There are many free cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive and many more. But these service provides only limited amount of cloud storage. You should own about 100GB of free cloud storage. This article is all about How to get 100GB of free cloud storage. Lets proceed on getting this hefty amount of free cloud storage.

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Get 100GB Of Free Cloud Storage In Few Steps


A new entrant in Cloud storage providers is providing 100GB of cloud storage for free. is from Shared Media which is four-person bootstrapped company. The interface of this cloud storage provider is very simple. You can upload, organize and share your files quickly without the hassle.  You can upload any file very fast on server. It is built for speed and efficiency.

Your files are always private, and they maintain the highest levels of security for all your data. You don’t need to install any separate software all tasks. It can be done in mobile and desktop browser with ease. You can organize your files into collections and share them with friends or family.

For getting free cloud storage from, you can use your Facebook account or register with a working email.

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2. SurDoc

SurDoc is another cloud storage service provider which provides 100GB of cloud storage for free. They are known for giving better privacy to your data. You can easily email photos, videos or any other data from SurDoc account. You can view files anywhere from computer, mobile and tablet. With SurDoc, you don’t need to worry about malicious infections in files.

Features Of These Free Cloud Storage

  • Always Fast

These cloud storage service made to provide a faster UI to users and always be efficient. Interface of these services are very sleek and intuitive.

  • Better Privacy & Security

Both these cloud service provides better privacy and security at every stage. You don’t need to worry about security concern any more.

  • Pro Options

If you wants to get more storage for your account, you can opt for pro plans in these cloud service. Pro plans also provides more feature. But free account is enough for a basic user.

  • Catch Your Data Everywhere

You can browse your important data stored in cloud from any device and any place in world. Data is fully visible on mobile and computer.

All other features can be explored after using these services.


If you are looking for a good cloud storage service with ample amount of storage, and SurDoc are made for you. You can secure your precious data in these free online storage hassle-free. So what are you waiting for. Go and grab an account and get 100GB of free cloud storage.

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