Get Free Calling Apps For Android Device

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Free Calling Online through Apps is not something new to us.

Well, there are still few people who are using the old fashioned corded phones for making calls.

But as we take further steps ahead in the advancement of technology, these phones won’t be anything more than granny’s stories.

Let’s get back to the topic at hand now. There are abundant free calling apps but all of these apps are not useful or you may say reliable.

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I have come across some of the most reliable free calling apps. Interested to know about them? Have a look down below.

Top Free Calling Apps for Android:

If you are looking for free calling apps then I am sure that I don’t have to give you an explanation of how they work. Well, check the list down below.


There is good chance that people might not know about free calling apps but there is hardly any person who doesn’t know about WhatsApp. Free calling is one of the best features of WhatsApp.


In fact, there is hardly any app that can be compared to WhatsApp Calling. More advanced features are being added to WhatsApp Calling and people are quite excited for those.

Facebook Messenger:

Since everyone is quite familiar with Facebook, it’s quite safe to say that people are quite acquainted with Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp free calling is without a doubt the best but what comes next?

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger is next best free calling app after WhatsApp. The calls made through this app are very clear it’s as if you are making calls by the traditional method.


There was once a time that this app used to stand at the Apex of all free calling apps. But now that place is captured by someone else. Quite a lot of people still use this as this provides the best free calling features.


If you think that this app is just a calling app then you are quite wrong. This app goes far beyond that feature. Just like other famous and popular like Apps Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, it does let you send texts, voice clips etc.

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Google Dou:

Google Dou might not be that popular but it has some kickass features. Well, the reason for its unpopularity is that it has been recently launched. If you are to talk about reliability then I would just ask you to read the name of the App again.

Google Duo

It has been developed by Google; do you need any other assurance? Basically, this is a video calling app but you can make free calls with the help of this app quite easily and smoothly.


If you have been scouring the web to know about some of the best free calling apps, then you would have surely come across Hangouts. Just like Google Dou, this product has been developed by Google too. With the help of this app, you can make free calls quite smoothly.


Keeping the free calling feature apart, you can even make video calls, send voice clips. It provided you hassle free login and usage. Basically, what you need is a Gmail account and you are good to go.

So these are top free calling apps for Android. These apps are available for iOS too. So by chance, you stumbled upon this app and got depressed that this is about Android then don’t fret. There are many other free calling apps but you won’t find any other best free calling apps other than these. So download one of these and start making free calls. Hope this information has been of help to you.

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