For brands that are looking to improve their customer relations, creating an enterprise feedback management program can be the ideal solution. In the post-online review era, it is more critical than ever to engage with your customers online. The modern consumer depends on feedback from other consumers, and a bad review can drive business away from a restaurant faster than a bad health inspection violation. With that in mind, many businesses are choosing to take a proactive stance in their online reputation, and there is a specialized industry built around providing these services for brands looking to better engage with their customers online.

Social Proof and Customer Reviews

Consumers have been inundated with traditional marketing, and we have collectively learned to ignore and mistrust traditional advertising. This distrust of traditional ads as been bolstered by social media and the creation of crowd-sourced review sites like TripAdvisor and others. Consumers now turn to the wisdom of the crowd to find ideal venders and products, they trust online reviews more than advertising. This concept is called social proof, and it is the backbone of websites like Yelp. Simply put, a customer is most likely to trust the review of another customer similar to themselves. As such, businesses need to adapt to these trends as the voice of the customer evolves and learn how to engage with customers on these platforms.

Enterprise Feedback Management

Businesses need to address this social media environment with a coordinated feedback management system that incorporates insight from all different platforms and avoids the siloing of traditional corporate departments. Many firms now use integrated customer relationship management programs, which allow all corporate users to access customer information in a single cloud-synced database.

Business Advantages

By using a comprehensive unified software, companies are able to save time and increase customer service in a variety of ways. First, using a single software platform reduces the time to train employees, and there is less worry of software glitches and incompatibility. Furthermore, company-wide users are able to add notes and record interactions with the customer, which provides a more streamlined experience for both parties.

This improved tracking makes the customer have an easier time interacting with your business, which can build brand loyalty. A happy customer is a repeat customer, so this consistent delivery and ease of use is one of the strongest tools for ensuring ongoing business success. Businesses can also use the software to track key metrics on sales, customer interactions and other key business indicators (KPI’s). The best way to improve these metrics is to measure them, so using this software will also help a business see where they are performing well and where they need to improve. Enterprise feedback management is a crucial tool for businesses looking to retain the advantage in a fast-paced and competitive marketplace.