Ensure Maximum Security Online

If you do most of your work done online then ensuring maximum security should be your prime concern. In these days of technology, web threats are increasing at a fast rate. So you have to be prepared to prevent any web attack.

You can use the web for entertainment and for getting your various important tasks done. It includes checking email, browsing Facebook, online shopping, online banking, watching online videos and many more tasks. But do you know, if are careless when browsing on the web or do not ensure maximum safety, there is big chance that malicious attack can happen at any time.

Everyday we hear that someone’s email account is compromised or website got unauthorized access. Do you want to be a victim of these type web attacks. If not then you have to ensure maximum security online. This includes most of your online data.

Tips To Ensure Maximum Security Online

Although how much you take care of web security, there is always a chance of weakness can be exploited in system. But there are some tips to ensure maximum web security, which are following

  1. 1 Use An Updated Antivirus

    Using a reputed antivirus is the first step to get maximum online security. A fully fledged antivirus security suite easily protects you from various web threat like malware and other web attacks. If you do basic online activities like checking, browsing social network etc, it is recommended to use Avast Free Antivirus. It is an excellent free Antivirus program. If your online activities include online banking and online shopping, you should use a paid AV which come with all feature of a security suite.

    It is highly recommended to update installed Antivirus to its latest version and signature updates (daily).

  2. 2 Update Operating System

    If you are using Windows OS system, you should ensure Windows installed in it is genuine. If you are about to install Windows OS, go for genuine. A genuine software is always less vulnerable to security attacks.

    Always keep Windows automatic update ON to get security patches and bug fixes automatically ensuring maximum security & stability.

  3. 3 Use Strong Password

    Most people of the people fails at using a strong password for their online accounts. In many cases they use a password as their mobile number, name of a family member and in many cases password like 1234. These types of passwords are very easy to crack for an expert. It is highly recommended to use strong passwords for all of their online accounts.

    For this you can use LastPass which is program that generate very strong password and store all passwords with 256-bit AES encryption, one-way salted hashes, and PBKDF2. With LastPass, you don’t have to remember password anymore. All you need to remember one password of LastPass. It is highly recommended by industry experts.

  4. 4 Never Use Same Password

    You should not use same password for all your online accounts. Many people don’t understand the importance of different password and use a similar password for all accounts. Using same password leaves your all accounts vulnerable to attacks.

  5. 5 Use OpenDNS

    OpenDNS is a Domain Name System and world’s largest internet security network. It provides web security at DNS level and also provide stable & fast internet. OpenDNS provides best security against phishing & fraudulent websites. Various types of malware-hosted websites are also blocked by OpenDNS.

  6. 6 Safety While Online Transactions

    If you do online banking & online shopping frequently, then ensure that the bank website and shopping website use SSL security. If you see HTTPS in starting of URL of that website then it using SSL certificate. This type of security ensures that data traveling between website server and user computer is fully encrypted so that unauthorized person can not see that.

  7. 7 Email Safety

    Almost all people holds an email account. There comes many emails telling you that you have won a prize and etc. These types of email are nothing but phishing. Its better to avoid these type of emails. Before using any free email service, pre-check its security features what type anti-spam and virus protection it provides.


So above are the some of the tips to get better security online. If you have not all steps listed above, immediately take all step for better online security and browse the online world without worry.


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