Download And Install Show Box On PC

Download And Install Show Box On PC
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Download And Install Show Box On PC

Show Box is one of the best entertainment app for Android, You can watch your favorite movies directly by using this app and all that for free.

Now I will show you how to Download And Run Show Box On PC using ARC Welder & Bluestacks app . Using Show Box you can watch free movies directly from your PC if you have io. As show box is an android app you can’t play it directly from your PC, so you need an ARC Welder OR a BlueStacks to Download And Run Show Box On PC.


Show Box is an amazing app for android device users, as they can enjoy unlimited movie watching and also download them to watch when needed.

2 Steps to Download And Run Show Box On PC:



Using ARC Welder :


  1. You need to download and install the Google Chrome Browser .(You may skip this step if you already have Google Chrome)
  2. Now open Google Chrome and download Arc Welder.
  3. Click on “ADD TO CHROME”
  4. Now click on “Add app”
  5. Now you need to restart chrome and open a tab and press “Apps”.
  6. You will see the ARC Welder App there, you need to click open the app.
  7. When the app opens up you will need to press on “Choose” to open select a directory or to create a new one for ARC Welder.
  8. Now you need to Download Show Box  .
  9. Now in ARC Welder, press “Add your APK” and then add the ShowBox.APK
  10. Press on “Test”

Now Show Box should startup, And you are also ready to run Show Box on your PC and enjoy watching movies on PC without worrying about running out of mobile data .



Using BlueStacks :Capture

  1. First you need to download and install Blue Stacks for windows .
  2. Now you need to download the ShowBox.APK
  3. After downloading the file, Right click on the file and press on Open With ” BlueStack Apk Handler” .
  4. Now you can launch the BlueStacks app to launch the ShowBox.  ( Update ShowBox if required)

   And that it, You can now run Showbox from bluestacks, you can use it as same as the ARC welder. Where as bluestacks have a very user friendly interface as compared to ARC welder.



So these were the 2 best ways to Download  And Run Show Box On PC.Now you can enjoy watching movies on your PC using Showbox and all of that for free.Hope this blog was useful for you and if you liked it please share it with your friend and also leave a comment below about your experience about installing and using the app.

Thank you & Enjoy.