How to download Facebook Videos without help of software or other sites

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download facebook video without using any software or other website

Today in this article we are going to cover topics which help you to download Facebook videos in your Macbook, or on Windows or linux machine or on android, any other top operation systems which is without or with the help of any software tools or online video scraping websites. You can download facebook videos in chrome, firefox mozilla, ucweb browser, netscape navigator or any other browser. We also list top 3 websites from which you can download facebook videos.

Why would you want to a download Facebook videos?

You ever thought to download your facebook videos and store it in you device? But Don’t know how to download it? there are some possible cases in which you ever thought of downloading your facebook videos ?

1) Uploaded video on facebook via gaming console

If you are a gaming champ and have your best gaming video in your PS4 or have game video of cash of clan war then you only have option to upload them on facebook and not on youtube ?

2) Unstable Internet Connection

If you have very slow and unstable connection and you don’t like Facebook’s new video interface or facing issue while watching facebook video’s so you can check these options to check trouble free solutions.  So you can download your facebook videos and watch them on any device you have offline.

3) You uploaded video on facebook via Instagram

You created video on Instagram and uploaded on your facebook page to share it on your facebook friends. Now you want that video to upload it on your youtube chennel or upload on other video sites like vimeo or own website.

So how to download facebook videos without using any software tools ? I will show you below in step by step.

how to download facebook videos without using any software tools ?

Step 1 : Find the video is on your post or friends post or on facebook page.

The video which you wants to download its may be by you or any page or by one of your friend from your friends list. So got to that post where you or your friend published the video. Or go to that page where the video is published. Let’s Say we are downloading video from our friends post (timeline). One of my friend post videos on his facebook timeline So I am going to his timeline video section.

download facebook video from friends timeline

Step 2 : Find the video which you want to download

find the facebook video which you want to download

Step 3 : Click on video to open it.

facebook video download from friends account

Step 4 : Change the URL from WWW to M

In above image you notice that you get some random link like….. (Temp Link)

So replace the https://www with “m”, like this:….. (Temp Link)

i. e. from https://www.facebook to https://m.facebook

and click on enter ( Go) button.

Now when you view the video, you see the mobile view, which fills the whole screen, like this:

download facebook video from friends timeline from mobile

Step 5 : Save the facebook video in your device.

to download this video you have to this video by clicking on play button. After that you will get option to “Save as Video” in right click.

download as video facebook

You will then see the MP4 option for video. Choose a name for the file and save to your computer.

Note: You will never find option “save as video” if your video is not played once. It only visible after playing video.

Please do share this trick with your friends and download your facebook video as much as you wants. If you are facing any issue in downloading facebook videos you can write down in comment for help.

Important note: You will only be able to download your own videos, or videos posted by others as public. Different Facebook videos have different privacy settings.

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