When a customer has made a purchase from you, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be satisfied with their experience. In today’s digital world, the voice of the customer is amplified in a way that was not possible before. One unhappy customer can be very vocal and discourage others from even considering what you have to offer with online review or social media sites. This is one of the reasons why customer satisfaction surveys can be especially valuable and useful to identify issues and correct customer problems faster.

Improving Customer Loyalty

Businesses invest in customer satisfaction is to keep their loyal customers coming back. It has been proven that retaining a customer, is cheaper than acquiring new ones. Satisfied customers also tend to be very vocal and share their amazing experiences. With a feedback survey, you can gather very specific information to determine what you’re doing that’s connecting with customers and where you may need to improve.

Collecting Information That Matters

A well designed questionnaire will gather insights, honest feedback and critiques that will really help you gauge your customer satisfaction. Map out your typical customer interaction and use that as a base line to create the questions in the survey. The information you seek from customers can measure satisfaction with:

• Quality of the purchased products or services requested
• Their experience on your website or in store
• Service from your customer support team
• Your selection of products and services

Making It Easily Accessible

Making it easy and convenient for a customer to access your customer satisfaction questionnaire is an important step. Businesses that strive for customer feedback, include in each step of the process. Including link to provide feedback in every email, QR codes in place of business, widget for suggestions on the website and even personalize thank you emails after purchase asking for honest feedback. You can also have automated prompt can be used for phone orders to ask customers if they would mind answering a few questions about their experience after they’re done talking to someone from your business. Adding it as part of their experience with your brand ensures a frictionless process for your customers to share feedback.

Listening to Your Feedback

The feedback you get can highlight problems you may not have been aware of previously. Really dive into the feedback you’re getting and look for patterns based on the responses to the questions or the additional comments provided. If there are certain recurring issues brought up by multiple customers, take steps to show that you’re willing to make adjustments either through your social media platforms or by implementing the changes as efficiently as possible.

Sharing the Results

Customer satisfaction surveys aren’t going to be effective if the information gathered isn’t shared internally and action taken to correct the issues. Asking the right questions ensure that it is clear which departments may need to work on certain stages of the customer interaction process. For instance, asking “how satisfied were you with your account manager?” or “did your items arrive on time?” can show you where you need to focus your attention.

Continuously Loop of Asking for Feedback

Every single survey is a snapshot of a customer’s experience with your business. Continuing to ask for feedback with every interaction your customers have will ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep customers happy and meet their expectations. If you focus on continuous improvement and learning from all feedback you receive, you will see customers share your brands story, helping you acquire new customers to grow your business.

You might be amazed to learn that 66% of the time, you can turn negative feedback around fairly quickly by either correcting the issue on a one-on-one basis or taking steps to improve the customer experience. If someone leaves you a negative online review for instance and you correct the issue, 33% of the time they will update the review and 33% of the time they will actually take the original review down.

For positive customer satisfaction surveys, pay attention to what customers like most about your business and use that as a guide for what to focus on with your marketing and engagement efforts. It will show you what areas to double down and give you the clarity on what customers love about your brand.