With the ever-changing scope of social technologies, customers are more powerful than ever before. Their ability to find information in mere seconds put them in control of their online experience, and it’s this trend that is forcing digital marketers to rethink their engagement strategies.

To survive in today’s constantly changing digital landscape, businesses must provide personalized experiences that reach potential customers just as they need them. Be it a mobile push notification or a confirmation email, customer engagement takes on many forms. By continually promoting ongoing communication throughout the buyer’s journey, businesses have an opportunity to engage and connect with their audiences like never before. Below are five ways businesses can engage with their customers and keep coming back for more:

Social Media is No Longer a Platform

Most businesses view social media as merely a platform to build brand exposure. By analyzing the raw data from different social media platforms, businesses can discover what works and what doesn’t with their marketing strategies. By targeting each social media channel, businesses can engage with their customers on a humanistic level. As a result, brand-focused marketing strategies have transformed into strategies that put customers in the spotlight.

Increase Your Retention Rate

Customer engagement is about reinventing the customer experience based on new insight. Customer retention increases when the focus shifts from brand recognition and onto the customer experience. How can you improve your customer’s overall experience? As part of your marketing strategy, are you asking questions and using that newfound insight to tweak your marketing plan? Retaining customers involves hands-on interaction with both current and potential customers.

Become an Evangelist

Customer engagement needs to everyone’s responsibility within your business. Apple is a stellar example of this marketing strategy. Enter into an Apple store and what do you see? It’s as if you are embraced by Apple’s brand. It’s the attitude that embodies the brand. Apple’s employees immediately engage with customers to provide them with the optimal shopping experience.

Brand Identity

Businesses need to clearly define their brand to their target audience. Building a customer base and then failing to continually engage is like fishing without bait.

From a marketing standpoint, engagement is about deepening your relationship with current customers while establishing new ones. It’s about getting your target audience to spend more time with you. Customers who engage are more loyal, hang around a lot longer and spend more money in your business.