Cool Facebook Tricks: Take Me To Your Leader

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I have seen some cool Facebook tricks but is connecting with people one of them? Well, I guess that would be defined by what method you employed and with whom you connected with?

I think with social media and especially Facebook a lot of people have gotten into the quantity is more important than quality mindset handing out friend request like a Pez dispenser. I’m not judging by the way I have been guilty too.

We think or thought rather that the more eyes that we could get our content or links in front of the better true in a sense but also dead wrong. We want to get our content or business in front of more people with the same mindset that we have.

So moving on as I began to learn and figure out more cool Facebook tricks I realized even though I was far from a spammer I still had the connecting thing all wrong.

So which cool Facebook tricks can we use to correct this?

Glad you asked here is a cool little technique really no one is using so follow along…

I am assuming that you know how to find Facebook groups. If not type a search term in the search bar above your profile for a niche or activity you are interested in such as “dog training” or whatever then when the results come up look to the left and click on the “groups” link.

Now that you have done the steps above and you are off to find a group to interact with using the cool Facebook tricks we are talking about today.

The first thing I would do before I join makes sure the info section has been completed this just lets you know whoever created the group decided to take the time to make sure people understood the focus of the group.

The next step would be to click on the wall tab and see what kind of interaction is taking place.

Are there any ongoing conversations?
Is the group creator participating?
Are real value and resources being provided (useful articles, blog post or just shared experience)?
Or is it just one offer or the latest and greatest business opportunity piled on top of one another?
If the latter is the case shove on. If the former is the case then you may have something. So where is all this leading?

Here is what I propose let’s say the group meets some or all the good criteria mentioned above. No spamming, good participation, a good dialogue the group leader is engaged what should you do. Well, who do you think is responsible for all that in a lot of ways?

The group leader or the admin! So connect with this person trust me a lot of people don’t. Look to the left and find the section that says admin and click on the name or names.

Also, add this to your arsenal of cool Facebook tricks be sure to leave a personal message and don’t forget to mention the group this really increases your chances of connecting.

Now you have made a good, quality connection in a niche or field you are interested in and this will hopefully yield your great results.

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