How To Choose A Perfect Web Hosting Service For Your Website

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How To Choose A Perfect Web Hosting Service? This question is very important for every business owner owning a website. In these technological days, most of the business holds a website for it. Their website is an essential part of their business. A website can help a business to grow by getting more potential customers. So holding a great website will surely make business profitable.

How To Choose A Perfect Web Hosting Service

Web hosting service is an essential part of any website to run it properly. If you don’t know about web host, I tel you that Web host is a server needed to store all files and database of website. If there is glitch in server, the website running on it will surely encounter some problem. So it is very essential to choose a perfect web host for your website or blog.

Every website’s or blog’s requirement is different. So we have to choose our web host according to our requirements of website. There are some string factors which must be considered before purchasing any web host service.

How To Choose A Perfect Web Hosting Service: Factors To Consider

1. Price

Price is one of the important factor while going for any web hosting service. Most business and individuals consider price at first place. But also price is not an ultimate factor. If you wants to go for an exceptional web hosting service, it is obvious that it will expensive and more money should be spent.

It is not recommended to just go for a web hosting service because it is cheap. It is recommended to compare the prices of different web host along with the features they provide.

2. Geographical Location

Geographical Location is also an important factor which is mostly avoided by business and individual. Imagine a situation, If most of the customer of your business are from Australia then this will be foolish step to host your website in USA servers. In this condition, the website will be very fast in USA but not Australia and you know Google loves fast websites. Your business is surely going to lose many customers in Australia and will go in loss.

So it is highly recommended to host the website in that country where you are targeting the customers.

3. History

It is very essential to know the history or previous record of web host. If you are totally depend on the website for your bread & butter then it is not recommended to host the website on a new host. New host means which recently came in web hosting business. You should opt to an established web hosting service.

You should know about from how long they are in business of web hosting, how are their customer reviews and any other details.

4. Uptime

Uptime of any website or blog is on of the deciding factor in its profitability. Imagine, if web server of an e-commerce website goes down for a 1 hour, how much that e-commerce website will suffer financial loss as well as reputation. Surely it will suffer a significant financial loss.

So before purchasing any web hosting service, read the reviews about its uptime. Contact the webmaster who are using that particular host and tell them to give a review about that web host.

5. Technical Specifications

Before purchasing any web host, go to their website or make a contact on phone and take all the technical specifications details about that hosting or a particular web hosting package. These technical specification include:

  • Disk Storage: Disc Storage means the amount of storage space given to your web site on server. You should confirm about disk storage whether it will enough for your website needs. For example, If your website holds a significant portion of HD videos then website should need a large storage space on server. Disc storage should be according to the need of website.
  • Bandwidth: In the world of web hosting, Bandwidth refers to the amount of data for transfer. If your website is a high traffic website or a website like YouTube for watching videos then you should choose a web host which offers high bandwidths. For normal websites and blog basic package is enough.
  • Operating Systems: You will have to choose between two operating systems in web hosting: Linux and Windows. You should choose OS according to website need. Like if you are about to start a blog or website on WordPress then you should go for Linux-based server because Linux server supports PHP.

6. Customer Support

Your priority should be for tat web host which have proven record of providing exceptional customer service. To know about the customer service of any web hosting service you can research on Google with keywords such as “issues”, “complaints”, “help” mixing with some other keywords.

Signs of great customer support include email support, 24/7 live chat support and by calling. There are many web hosting service which are specialized a single CMS like WordPress. Their customer support satisfaction will be great.

7. Control Panel/UI

Control Panel (cPanel) of a good web host should proved feature like easy installation of various CMS like WordPress, setting up email accounts and FTP accounts. These type of features make user execution a breeze. So you should confirm that whether the web host provide cPanel or not. If it provide any other UI than what type of feature are giving along with.

8. Security & Backup

Security of your website should be your prime concern. There are many unauthorized person who are always looking for infiltrating websites and make all data corrupt. So ask your web host what type of security measures they are enforcing to make your web server secure.

Backup of website must be done on regular basis to prevent the loss of data and files. A good web hosting service must provide regular backups.

8. Miscellaneous

  • A good web host must be capable of giving flexibility of plan for future. There should be room to grow for future need of website. You should confirm that if the need of your business website grows in future can then web host fulfill that needs.
  • Read the reviews of that web hosts before choosing it. In these days most of the products and services are purchased after reading reviews.
  • What type of payments methods they are accepting for purchase . There should be flexibility in payment system, if one not owns a credit card.
  • Ask your friend and any influencers for recommendation of any web host.
  • Speed of website on a particular web host server should be considered for better SEO and user experience.

Conclusion: Now Choose Best Web Host

The above mentioned points must be considered before purchasing a web hosting service. You should take these points in consideration and do research on some web host to get one to choose.

I hope you will get a perfect web host for your business, after reading this post. If you have any question regarding this, you are welcome in comments section

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4 thoughts on “How To Choose A Perfect Web Hosting Service For Your Website

  1. Hi Rahul,

    Choosing a good web hosting is a tough job because there.
    As you know there are many web hosting providers in the market and all have their own specifications.

    Cost matters a lot. You should choose the hosting which can provide you better service at affordable price.

    I like the concept of geographical location you have mentioned above.

    Great post.;)

    Have a wonderful weekend.


    • Thanks Ravi for your helpful comment,

      You are absolutely right that One must choose that web hosting service which provide better services at affordable price.
      I hope all these points will be beneficial to you when you choose your web hosting provider.

  2. If there is one thing which I really consider the most when it comes to choosing a web host, it will have to be it a web hosting company with good support.
    It is a good thing seeing you sharing these interesting tips to consider when buying a web host.

    • Yes Emmanuel,
      I agree with you. Support is also an important points which should be considered while purchasing any web hosting service.
      But price and quality are two most important things of any web hosting service.

      Thanks for commenting.

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